Strengthen your mind

Focus your spirit

A spiritual destination promises to reconnect our heart with our body. The magic of the Riviera Maya combines healing experiences, with elements of nature and the palpable cultural heritage of the area. With that said, I give you 3 sensory adventures and holistic experiences that you can enjoy in this tropical paradise:

What is a holistic experience?

You will find terms such as “holistic medicine”, “holistic massage” or “holism” pretty frequently when looking for healing experiences. Each one seeks to have a comprehensive and complete vision. It considers the human being as a whole (in a physical and mental level), not only as of the sum of its parts. Therefore, holism focuses on the environment to the different components of the person and seeks to achieve its natural balance.


  • Guided experience (sometimes by an authentic Shaman), group experience
  • It means “house of hot stones”, in the Nahuatl dialect.
  • Designed to resemble the uterus of Mother Earth
  • Elements: pre-hispanic music (drum, wind instruments), steam, medicinal herbs (rosemary, basil)
  • Start by defining an intention you’d like to be guided towards, then be purified with incense and enter the temazcal clockwise
  • Receive a steam bath made from volcanic stones, with infusions utilizing the previously mentioned herbs

The temazcal door closes and opens between each of the 4 stages (better known as “doors”):

  • First door: fire 
  • Second door: water 
  • Third door: earth, considered the warmest door (the temperature rises to 30/35 °) 
  • Fourth door: wind
  • The duration varies from 10 to 40 minutes per door
  • Exiting the temazcal symbolizes being reborn

Who is the Temazcal for?

People looking to release tensions and toxins thanks to the vapors and this culture. Main physical benefits: the vapors detoxify while relaxing the muscles and decongesting our airways.

What is the role of the Shaman?

In pre-hispanic cultures, the Shaman was considered to have supernatural abilities. Within the Siberian language, it means “he who knows”, while other scholars identify them as individuals capable of transforming energy. They could then predict the climate and animal migrations; hence the important status given to them within the ancient tribes.

Shamans get that degree through inheritance or divine election. Finally, the role of Shaman revolves around being the bearers of knowledge, being in contact with a spiritual dimension. The possibility of connecting with spirits gives them the faculty of reconciling them with earthly ones, so it is believed that their destiny is to maintain the balance between these two worlds. In healing experiences, he acts as the guide.

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The Cocoa Ceremony

  • Group experience
  • Cocoa is an ancient medicinal plant
  • It consists of the preparation of a cocoa-based drink from scratch
  • When you open up the cocoa, it penetrates your senses: feeling its texture and smelling its sweetness
  • While the water boils, the group talks pleasantly and gives thanks for what will come
  • Cocoa, mixed with water, results in a great tasting frothy drink
  • Each person can add whatever they want to their drink: honey, cinnamon or even spice it up; symbolizing the peculiarities of our own existence
  • The objective is to internalize the action of drinking chocolate, to recognize our interior and as well as the exterior. All this with full awareness and guidance through meditations based on this ancient plant that helps open the body and soul
  • The origin of the ceremony: It is said that it was with a cup of hot cocoa, that the Mayans received visitors and thus, created bonds


Who is the Cocoa Ceremony for?

People who seek introspection. Main physical benefits: cocoa accelerates the blood flow in our body, so it is known that the mind reaches optimal clarity.


  • Its origin dates back to 4500 BC in China.
  • Use of natural or essential oils of plants, trees, flowers
  • Normally, the room has controlled high temperature
  • During the session, focus on the smells and sensations
  • It can be customized with several essences according to your needs and ailments
  • Oils should not be ingested


Some of the essential oils

  • Rosemary for treating rheumatism
  •  Lavender for stress
  •  Ginger to strengthen the immune system
  •  Cypress to calm allergies

Different holistic treatments:

  • Massages, ideal for contractures
  • Aromatic baths, for deep relaxation
  • Also, inhalation (through diffusers or directly), to help the respiratory system

The main aspect of the Riviera Maya as a destination for healing experiences is the opportunity to start over with a renewed look towards life. This new appreciation can lead you to achieve great things, as you strengthen your spirit; and value your body for what it is: a temple. Breathe, renew and acknowledge yourself as a profound individual.

Have you tried any other healing experiences?