Amphibious Vehicles, Rafts, Waterfalls and much more

Dare to try new ways of fun

For the adventure lovers, Xplor with its Zip-Lines —the highest of Riviera Maya— is the perfect choice to spend a day full of adrenaline. But, what about the people who aren’t as adventurous to fly through the jungle?

Well, Xplor is for them too, because it has many other activities besides Zip-Lines that will make you have crazy fun. Continue reading to know more about these.

1.- Walk through Caverns

Dare to get lost in Caverns and discover amazing landscapes. Take a walk surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites which enclose thousands of years of history. Remember: don’t touch them because our natural body oil pollutes them.

12 fun things in Xplor that are not Zip-Lines

2.- Drive an Amphibious Vehicle

Be an adventurer and enjoy a ride through the jungle driving one of our Amphibious Vehicles. Seize this ride to observe the flora and fauna of the region. Get ready to fill your lungs with fresh air.

You can choose between two circuits, each one of 40 minutes and full of adrenaline.

12 fun things in Xplor that are not Zip-Lines

3.- Hammock water landing

If you’re trying to fly over the jungle but you’re not pretty sure, try the hammock water landing first.  This activity is one of  our visitors’ favorites. The height of this Zip-Line and the jumping position (sitting in the hammock) will give you the confidence you need to pass to the next level: the real Zip-Lines.

12 fun things in Xplor that are not Zip-Lines

4.- Swim in an Underground River

Swimming surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites will make you forget about the world and your worries. This activity is ideal to refresh yourself from the hot weather of the Riviera Maya. You can choose between two circuits, one short of 328 ft and the other one of 1312 ft. If you get tired, don’t worry, we have exits every 328 ft. Our advice, reach the end because there you will see one of the best views of the Park.

5.- Paddle in rafts

Take your raft, grab your paddle and get ready to enjoy a ride where the underground beauty will surprise you. You will paddle through crystal waters and beautiful rock formations.

If you are an explorer with some kind of experience doing kayak or other similar activity, we recommend you to take the long circuit of 1312 ft and if you don’t have experience with this kind of activities we recommend you to take the long circuit as well, because you will have so much fun. If you still not convinced, we have the short circuit of 328 ft.

12 fun things in Xplor that are not Zip-Lines

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6.- Refresh in waterfalls

What’s better than refreshing our mind and thoughts with the cold water of a Waterfall? At the end, we assure you will leave with a big smile on your face.

7.- Take a nap in a Hammock

After all the adrenaline lived, taking a nap in a hammock feels like paradise. Take off your shoes and enjoy the soft white sand, take a sun bath surrounded by palm trees and recover energies. After that, you will be ready to go back to the adventure.

12 fun things in Xplor that are not Zip-Lines

8.- Eat like a Troglodyte

For many Xplorers, to eat in the Troglodita Restaurant is like being in paradise because of the delicious and unlimited food. It doesn’t matter if you are a meat lover or vegetable lover, the buffet has everything for all tastes: salads, hamburgers, pizza, pasta, vegetables, Mexican food, desserts and much more. Are you ready to become in a Troglodyte?

9.- Relax in an Oasis

Take a rest from the adrenaline and come to enjoy a relaxing moment at the Oasis. Float and refresh in a natural pool located next to the beverage station.

Photo: @paulorendain

10.- Enjoy the Smoothies and Juices

Looking for a spot to recover your energy? You just need to come and drink one of our Smoothies and Juices. We have different flavors, one of the Xplorer’s favorite is the Zip-Line Smoothie, which is prepared with peanut butter. You can choose between many other flavors.

11.- Take fun pictures in the Caverns

When walking through the Caverns along the way from one activity to the other, you will find many photo spots. We are sure you will have a lot of fun like a child posing for our lenses. You just have to smile to the cameras and they will do everything.

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12 fun things in Xplor that are not Zip-Lines

12.- Shopping

You will love the Gift Shop, we are sure you will purchase more than one souvenir. Here, you will find everything from t-shirts, water clothes, water shoes, keychains, cups, even stuffed animals!