17 adventure pro tips

things to do and everything you have to know

You are about to start a journey to one of the funniest and most exciting places at Riviera Maya,  but do you feel like you don’t know what to pack or where to start? Don’t worry my Xplorer friend, I have your back. This guide is here to help you with insider tips, things to do, and how to plan your day in Xplor.

Every time we visit a new place, we can lose time or just weren’t aware of some helpful details that can improve our day. Avoid every “I should have known before” scenarios, so your only worry is how loud did you screamed at the zip lines or how much ice-cream you want to eat.

An easy start

1.- Arrive at the Park early and with your swimsuit already on. You will save precious time at the lockers and changing rooms.

2.- Sneakers are not the best option since you will be in the water must of the time and to swim with them is not easy at all. Use water shoes or bring your sandals. You can tie them to your lifejacket.

3.- Thumbs up for the guy with the waterproof smartphone case. If you don’t have one leave your mobile in your locker.

And now…  what should I do first?

4.- If you are a little bit scared of heights, try to visit the hammock splash first. This zip line is not that big and it is great for taking courage and getting more confident step by step.

5.- Now we are talking business. The Zip Line courses use a lot of time. First, take a look at the traffic lights around the park to check the availability.

6.- Swimming in an Underground River can be exhausting. This could be your first activity, so you have the chance to recover energies and also to whet your appetite!

Ready for some action? Keep reading about the adventure activities in Xplor.

Graaawr I’m hungry!

7.- Troglodita is the name of the buffet restaurant. It is open at 11 am.

8.- I suggest that after your first activity (zip lines or rivers) do a visit to the snack and soda fountain. Smoothies and shakes are A MUST!

9.- You can also find fresh fruit and oatmeal cookies (delicious!), so fill your energy bar and go on to the next activity.

10.- Are you done with the ziplines? The all-terrain vehicles are waiting for you. You’ll get wet and muddy so wear a proper outfit and leave everything you don’t need at the lockers.

11.- You can choose two different routes to drive. Both have unique features that you will love. Don’t be lazy and do both!

12.- Rafting can be your last activity, it can be a relaxing way to finish the day.

Tips and more tips: practical guide to rafting 

I’m hungry….again!!!

13.- Food, oh dear and lovely food. I take this activity really serious. So I prefer to have a feast once I have done all the activities so I can enjoy to the max the buffet before going back to the lockers.

14.- It’s time to prepare our departure. Remember to pack a towel and extra clothes.

15.- Pro tip to avoid rushing moments: purchase your photo package online. Once you are at the Park, you will only have to scan your bracelet and smile for the cameras. Take as many photos as you can!

Always something new in the jungle

Xplor Park always has new things to surprise us, such as the case of the Underground Expedition. For this activity, it is necessary that you wear your water shoes or tennis shoes that can get wet since you will go through obstacles in the water, in the jungle, slides, and slides.

One last stop!

16.- Did you like something from the souvenir shop? Don’t worry you’ll have one last chance for shopping at the “Hasta la vista” store, located at the exit of the Park.

You are free to go up and down the jungle on this adventure day. You can choose the order and time to do every activity. By the way, as we said a few moments ago, the Xplor park will always have something new to surprise us and this year will be no exception. So let’s be very attentive to the details of this new activity on our blog and social networks.

We hope this guide helps you to have the best time possible exploring the jungle, Underground Rivers, and caves at Xplor.

Do you have any doubts or comments? Leave it down here, and we will answer it.