Come on compadre, 

 let’s go party! 

If you were looking for a party, you’ve come to the right place. Xoximilco Cancun is a beautiful tribute to the picturesque tradition of Mexico City; a tour that will take you through violins, dancing, comadres and all those charming details that have put our country on the map. Because we want you to experience firsthand this floating fiesta, here we answer the most frequently asked questions before visiting Xoximilco Cancun.

1. Is Xoximilco Cancun open? 

Yes! You can now visit Xoximilco Cancun from Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and even some Sundays if you visit during the high season. Check out their updated calendar on their official page.

We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance because, as part of the 360° Xafety protocol (which we’ll discuss in depth later in the blog), the tour has a limited capacity.


2. Where is Xoximilco Cancun?  

It’s located on the outskirts of Cancun, just 5 minutes from the International Airport. It’s 15 minutes from Puerto Morelos and 35 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

You can get the fastest route from your current location here.

3. At what time do I have to arrive? 

This must be one of our most frequently asked questions before visiting Xoximilco Cancun… we don’t want to miss a single song! We recommend arriving around 7:00 p.m. Before boarding the party barge, you will enjoy live music and you can also visit their colorful stores. The fresh flavored-waters and ‘esquites’ at the Welcome Carnival, as well as the Mojigangas show, are not available at the moment. 

4. What clothes are recommended for the tour?  

Comfortable… but never lose the glam! We recommend wearing light clothing, because there WILL be a lot of dancing and Cancun’s climate is mostly warm. The same applies to footwear, although the comadres do venture to wear heels, take into account the movement of the party barge.


5. Is transportation available upon departure? 

That’s right, if you didn’t add transportation in your online reservation, at the exit of the tour you can board one of the available taxis.

To quote your tickets with transportation from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya or Playa Mujeres, click here.

6. Can I get to Xoximilco Cancun in my private vehicle?

Yes! In case you have a designated driver, you can park your vehicle within the park.

7. Can you do the tour with children? 

Although a minimum age of 5 years is recommended, everyone is invited to the party at Xoximilco Cancun. The hosts do an incredible job including the little ones in the dynamics and games on board. Don’t forget to ask about the children’s menu once you book your entrances.

8. What does my ticket to Xoximilco Cancun include? 

  • Night tour on board a party barge through canals (approximate duration of 3 hours).
  • Live music prior to boarding.
  • Open bar (tequila, beer, sodas and fresh waters).
  • Entertainer on board: true party professionals!
  • Traditional Mexican games.
  • Live music: there is no Mexican party without music. In this tour you will sing to the sound of the mariachi, the marimba, rancheros, the traditional Yucatecan trova and the boleros in charge of the “norteños”.
  • Traditional Mexican food: see question number 10 for more information on these delicacies.


Note: don’t worry, bathroom breaks are a thing.


9. If we buy our tickets separately, can we go in the same party barge?

Sure! Even if you purchase your tickets separately, your just need to arrive to the ticket office at the same time to be assigned to the same boat. 

10. What kind of food do they serve at Xoximilco Cancun? 

Nothing brings people together like good food! Here’s everything you’ll be able to taste during the tour:

  1. To open up your appetite there’s a tasty snack plate, which includes everything from Oaxaca cheese to guacamole, huitlacoche, pico de gallo and grasshoppers.
  2. Later in the tour, some of the exquisite Mexican dishes that you can taste are cochinita pibil, fish tikin-xic, shrimp with tamarind and mole.
  3. To top it off, a taste of the most beloved desserts: flan, amaranth, jamoncillo, cocada, and more. Don´t forget to pair these goodies with a hot “café de olla” (sweet Mexican coffee)!

In case of special food requirements, you can request the vegetarian or vegan menu to the email: or even calling Customer Service.

Note: as part of the 360° Xafety model, food plating may vary.


11. Can I choose my party barge and my host? 

It’s not possible to choose your party barge nor your entertainer on board. Both are randomly assigned prior to boarding, though we assure you that each of your visits will be unique and special… a hilarious cultural experience! 

12. What safety and hygiene protocols are being applied?  

The 360° Xafety model has four main pillars:

  1. Health and care processes: disinfection
  2. Carrying capacity and seating: distancing
  3. Control measures: people centered
  4. Quality and hygiene processes: food and beverages

You can consult more information about each of these pillars, here. As part of our frequently asked questions before visiting Xoximilco, we briefly share how these measures apply within the park:

  • The use of face masks is strongly recommended, and the temperature will be taken with remote digital equipment for all visitors.
  • The capacity of the party barges has been reduced to guarantee physical distance between visitors. It may vary due to official regulations.
  • Esquites and fresh beverages of the Mexican kermes are temporarily suspended.
  • Each pair will be assigned a bottle to avoid contact as much as possible.
  • Snack plates have renewed individual presentations.

13. How long in advance do I have to reserve? 

The more time in advance, the better! With the new security measures, we recommend a period of at least two weeks.

I have already decided to visit Xoximilco Cancun, how do I buy my tickets?

The easiest and safest way to make your purchase is through our agents and official website. Visit to book online. Also, you can send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • What city do you visit us from?
  • Phone number
  • How many adults and children (5-11 years) want to visit?
  • Tentative dates for your visits?
  • Do you want to add transportation from your hotel? If so, please specify which one
  • What parks do you want to visit?

Remember that the dates are subject to availability. Date changes may generate an adjustment in prices!

You can also contact Customer Service for assistance:

Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (ITS T). Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. at 10:00 p.m. (ITS T).

  • Mexico: 998-883-3143
  • USA / Canada: 1-855-326-0682
  • Brazil: 0-800-892-3371
  • Argentina: 0800-122-0384
  • Colombia: 800-952-0705
  • Spain: 900-965-224
  • Chile: 0-800-835-016
  • Costa Rica: 800-052-1715
  • Panama: 800-052-0524
  • Ecuador: 800-5-931-0227
  • Peru: 0800-00-64
  • UK: 800-04-89-203

14. Special promotions to visit Xoximilco Cancun 

Saving is very easy! These are the permanent discounts that you can find on the official website:

15. If I’m going to stay at Hotel Xcaret México, Hotel Xcaret Arte or any other Grupo Xcaret resort, do I need to make a reservation? 

Yes! The All-Fun Inclusive gives you incredible benefits such as access to all Grupo Xcaret parks and tours, but some require prior reservation and Xoximilco Cancun is one of them. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Check-in, coordinate your visit with your concierge, and voila!
  2. Or, if you have already decided the date on which you want to visit the park, we recommend you send an email with your reservation number to to guarantee your place. They’ll gladly assist and refer you to the corresponding area.

If even with these 15 frequently asked questions you want more inspiration, surely the social networks of Xoximilco Cancun will convince you to have a night of Mexican party. On your next visit to Riviera Maya, leave the toasts in the hands of the compadres and discover why we carry the party in our veins.

Are there any other frequently asked questions before visiting Xoximilco Cancun, that we should include?