Reuse before throwing away, reduce the impact on nature

Save, decorate your home and help the planet 


One of our principal values ​​at Xel-Ha is that we are in favor of ecology and sustainability, we try to promote that everyone make the most of the resources the planet and nature give us but without abusing them and without causing any damage to environment.

If you like crafts and are environmentally friendly, here you will find ideas on how to recycle and reuse items that you thought were rubbish in original, creative, useful and stylish items.


Did you know that 90% of waste can be recycled? Only 10% of the waste is not recyclable

Benefits of reusing materials at home:


1.-Reduces the amount of waste: this is very important for the society because it involves reusing items that would otherwise be discarded, contributing to the large accumulation of waste that currently exists and continually damages the planet.

2. – Extend the life of an object or product: you have to give them a second chance before throwing them away.

3. – Reduce pollution: the manufacturing process of new products pollutes the air and water.


4. – Save money: there is no doubt that is a great benefit, because you can reuse materials you have at home to solve needs instead of having to buy something new.



We are sure you must have many things at home that you  don’t  longer use or need and surely you can not imagine the amount of useful objects you can create with a little effort and creativity. The trend of giving a new use to the products before throwing them away helps reduce the gap between resource consumption and waste production.


Here we share with you creative ideas for reusing home materials and turn them into objects that can be very useful.

Turn supermarket pallets into furniture for the house.


It is impressive how many things one can do with pallets, if you are thinking of buying a coffee table or a new chair, you might just want to read this before! Get two or three of them and arm them yourself, you will give your home a very original touch and save yourself some money. You can also hang one on the wall and use it as a shelf, what do you think?

The cans can be reused as lamps, organizers drawers, pots and more.



Most of us eat canned food occasionally, don’t throw them away! We can reuse them in many ways and it sure helps the planet.

Some tips to reuse at home:

  • Use tuna cans to organize your drawers, its an easy way to keep them tidy.
  • Baby milk cans are perfect to use as pots, just do a few small holes in the bottom for water to drain.
  • Soup, beans and vegetables  cans are perfect for making candle lamps. Let your creativity flow, paint them and make them small holes with designs to your liking.
  • Seal several cans of different sizes to make a desk organizer, you can build it according to your needs.


Give me plastic bottles and I can create anything!



So, we can create almost anything with plastic bottles. You only need a lot of creativity and passion for crafts to do it, here we leave you some tips.

  • Make your own broom with two liter plastic bottles, cut four or five bristle-shaped, put them together, attach them to the top of the bottle with a nail, add a wooden stick and vuala.
  • To build a reused plastic stool just have to join together several complete two liter bottles  out with tape, cover them with newspaper and decorate with fabric to your liking.
  • Cut as many  bottle bases as you need and build a jeweler. You only need a thin metal rod and nuts to secure it.


Decorate your home with glass bottles.




If you want to reuse glass bottles, we recommend you to create objects that doesn’t need to modify bottle. We give you three easy ideas below:

  • Create a lamp introducing a series of white lights (like those used at Christmas) in a bottle.
  • In bottles with the mouth a little wider, introduce a photograph and put it upside down.
  • Use them as flower vases! Decorate them with strips or paint and we assure you will decorate your home in a very original way.

Share this article with your friends, reuse materials and helps the planet.

What other ideas do you have to creatively reuse at home?