Mexicans have plenty of pride and reasons to celebrate  

and of course, this September 15th will not be the exception  

The favorite time of the pozole lovers has arrived: the national holidays. Let’s celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day! We are determined to keep up with the calendar and its festivities, so we want to give you safe options to celebrate with us this special date, without compromising your comfort and health.

Green, white and red… even on your plate   

Food will always be a topic of discussion on Mexican holidays. Nothing says “waking up in the independence month” like some delicious green and red chilaquiles. Some never miss a chance of prepari ng their famous recipe of chiles en nogada. For dessert, how about a colorful jelly?     

Here are some delicious homemade recipes that could be on your table:  

Of course, the best “garnish” to these dishes is a good conversation!  

Turn up the volume, Mexico!  

The cumbias, the corridos, or the mariachi songs have the power to enhance any scenario: housework or even taking a shower. Get out your speakers and set the mood for the day with the songs of your favorite Mexican idols.  

Here we share some playlists that stand out for their Mexican charm:  

And if all goes well, this could evolve into a karaoke night and because we’ve witnessed it… even a virtual serenade!  

Safe floating fiesta  

In Cancun, you’ll find an ode to the iconic tradition of Mexico City: Xoximilco Cancun by Grupo Xcaret. All year round there is a Mexican party atmosphere, so it’s no surprise that the national month is their most iconic and proud moment. Their party on September 15th includes a three-course dinner, a performance of this historical event, live music, open bar, traditional sweets, and the most important guarantee of all: hilarious hosts.

The main recommendation: book in advance! The capacity of the trajineras has been reduced to half (10 people) and the compadres are SO good at partying, that tickets fly!  

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular 

Because if we talk about national pride, the Xcaret México Espectacular presentation has a very special place reserved in our hearts. A show that brings together the most valuable traditions of our country, in the park that combines nature with culture. If you want to end the day singing “México en la Piel”, this is the place. An homage overflowing with joy, magic, and tradition.  

Animated GIF

Learn about the 360° Xafety model that Grupo Xcaret has implemented in all its experiences.  

Food is covered, now can we discuss drinks?  

A good toast is the best way to end your day. Things that shouldn’t be missing on your table: tequila, salt, and lemon. Nothing accompanies a Mexican scream like a strong tequila. This is the perfect time to bring out your bartending skills and bet everything on the frosting of the glasses. For a very Mexican twist, add spicy candy: tamarindo, chamoy, and other acid flavors.

Another tip to give your drinks that unexpected twist is to include Mexican insects. From grasshoppers to chicatana ants, here we tell you how to prepare them.

Learn how to prepare 5 original party drinks!

Mexican games!  

Mexican board games are very easy to recreate: snakes and ladders, themed lottery, and if you feel ready to jump into the festivities, you could even make a piñata.  

Visit Hotel Xcaret México   

At Hotel Xcaret México, it’s impossible not to feel connected to our country. As a guest, you will have access to restaurants that enhance Mexican cuisine. Here are our main dining recommendations to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day:  

  • Ha’: A journey through our contemporary cuisine and a pairing of Mexican wines. All with the stamp of Chef Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican to receive a Michelin Star.  
  • Trajinera:  Caribbean flavors.
  • Xpiral: Traditional Mexican dishes overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
  • Mercado de la Merced: 10 stations of Mexican sensory flavors and textures. 
  • Cantina Los Faroles: fresh flavors in a casual canteen ambiance.

As you know, this is an occasion that makes us look back to our long history, reminding us of the values of Mexican people, their roots, and their historical icons. We honor them the way we know and enjoy best: by partying! From home or aboard a party barge, we will always celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. 

Do you know any other Mexican celebrations?