Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe

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How to make Hot Chocolate

If there is something Mexicans love more than eating, is drinking. From tequila to good hibiscus water. Therefore, when the weather drops a little, the first thing we do is drink a delicious hot chocolate. You can find it in almost any restaurant, but there’s nothing like making it yourself. Keep reading and learn a quick and easy traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe


The origin of cocoa goes back to the Mesoamerican period, in which several pre-Hispanic cultures, including the Maya, discovered the benefits of the cacao tree. Using it for therapeutic purposes, as a currency, for sacred rituals, and as a drink. In the Chocolate Workshop of Xcaret, you can learn more about the history and even prepare your own hot chocolate like the ancient Mayans.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe


There are many ways and recipes to make it, but we will show you a very simple but delicious Mexican hot chocolate recipe. Perfect to make it for a family reunion or simply if you have a craving for a warm drink in the morning. The ingredients can be found in any supermarket and most importantly, it should not take you more than 20 minutes to make it.


Chocolate bar



-Evaporated milk

-Wooden spoon

-Cooking pot

Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe



1.- Heat 1 cup of evaporated milk and 2 cups of whole milk in a pot.

2.- When the milk boils, add the chocolate tablet until it dissolves entirely.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe


3.- Add cinnamon.

4.- Mix with the spoon until you get a homogeneous mixture.



5.- Warm up for 5 more minutes and serve!

Drink your hot chocolate with sweet bread or with delicious traditional churros.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe


If you have never tried Mexican hot chocolate before, we suggest you do it during your visit to Xcaret at the restaurant “La Cocina,” where you can enjoy authentic Mexican food and a variety of desserts that will make you fall in love.

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What other ways of making Hot Chocolate do you know?