The Ultimate Drink Guide: 15 Refreshing Beverages at Xel-Há

July 10, 2024

Favorite part of visiting paradise! 🍹 

Xel-Ha is All Inclusive!  

Picture this: spending an unforgettable day at Xel-Há, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, swimming in the inlet, and lounging in hammocks under the shade of palm trees. All this while enjoying refreshing margaritas, piña coladas, or ice-cold beers at your leisure. 

This is just a small taste of what Xel-Há's All Inclusive has to offer! 

At Xel-Há, your only concern will be deciding whether it's time to eat or keep swimming. What a dilemma! Enjoying all-inclusive is undoubtedly the best part of any vacation, and at Xel-Há, drinks are a key element to making your experience complete. 


What does Xel-Há All-Inclusive include?  

  • Buffet and unlimited drinks: As we mentioned before, you can enjoy a delicious buffet and refreshing drinks at any of the park's restaurants at any time you wish. 
  • 3 restaurants: Xel-Há has three restaurants for all tastes: La Cocina del Pueblo, La Terraza and Xula Vista.  
  • A bar: In addition to the restaurants, you will find Bar del Puente, where you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails and mocktails. 

Where to find cocktails at Xel-Há 

In allXel-Há's consumption centers you will find top quality cocktails. The presentation may vary slightly, but the taste will always be exceptional. 

The 3 most requested drinks at Xel-Há 

  • Xplor: Refreshing and spicy.  

  • Xel-Há: Fresh and delicious.  

  • Beer with a lemon: The classics never go out of style.  

If you have already visited Xel-Há, what would be your top 3 drinks? 

And for cocktail lovers!  

Here's our guide to the 15 drinks you can't miss at Xel-Há 

1. Xplor  

One of the favorites!  

The drink that reminds us of Xplor Fuego for its vibrant red color is one of the most requested at Xel-Há. This is due to its sweet, spicy and refreshing taste. It is made from tequila with a touch of lime, chili powder and chamoy.   

Are you craving it yet?


2. Xel-Há

If you are looking for something fresh, with a more citric and exotic flavor. Then the Xel-Há cocktail will be your favorite. It is made with gin, curaçao, lemon and mineral water. In addition, the blue of this cocktail reminds us of the beauty of the cove. 💙 


3. Xcaret  

This cocktail takes you on a tropical journey with sweet fruity notes. Xcaret is the ideal summer drink due to its fruity and fresh taste. It is made with Vodka, pineapple juice and melon liqueur.  


4. Guacamaya  

One of the most colorful drinks we recommend is: guacamaya. Its color reminds us of the plumage of these beautiful birds we see around the park. Let yourself be carried away by an exotic and refreshing flavor at the same time. This cocktail is made with Vodka, grenadine, orange juice and curacao. 


5. Mango Margarita  

Another favorite summer drink is this mango margarita. Its color makes us feel happy and like we are on vacation in the Caribbean. ☀️ A traditional drink made with tequila, lime and mango that we all love.   


6. Margarita mango chamoy 

If your thing is vacationing in the Caribbean and you like to give a spicy and daring touch to your daily life, this mango margarita with chamoy is ideal to enjoy something fun and that you will surely want to repeat. You can choose it with tequila or mezcal.   


7. Mojito  

We know you were looking for this option and that is why in Xel-Há you can't miss the traditional mojito made with rum, mint and lime. An oasis that transports us from Cuba to Tulum with a paradisiacal aroma that makes us fall in love.  


8. Mayan Riviera 

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All the flavor of the Riviera Maya in a cocktail. If you are also one of those who prefer fruity and fresh flavors, this is your best option. This drink makes us feel in a romantic sunset. It is made with rum, melon liqueur, strawberry liqueur and orange juice. 


9. Xichén   

Where are the coffee lovers? Here is your favorite summer cocktail! Xichén is made with anis liqueur from the region called Xtabentún, coffee liqueur and rompope. A mixture of contrasts that reminds you of Mexico. Can you imagine its aroma? Simply delicious☕️ 


10. Piña Colada  

The favorite cocktail for decades! The piña colada is another classic that can't be missed! Imagine the sunny day at the side of the creek and about to sip this creamy and refreshing cocktail with coconut and pineapple flavor notes, we're craving it already! Enjoy this drink made with rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice.  


11. Chelada  

As we said before, classics never go out of style and the chelada knows it: a cold beer with lemon and salt never fails on a hot day!   

And of course, if you want to add more color and flavor to your drink, you can choose a Michelada made with worcestershire sauce and a spicy and exotic touch.    


Now, it's time to move on to non-alcoholic drinks: mocktails, delicious and ideal for the whole family 

12. Huh Mocktail  

A duo of tropical flavors: strawberry and orange. Its citrus and sweet taste is truly refreshing.  


13. Kay-Op Mocktail  

An explosion of exotic flavors that we all love. This creamy and flavorful cocktail will be a favorite of young and old. Enjoy Kay-Op with coconut cream, strawberry, pineapple and mango.  


14. Mo Mocktail  

Mo is the non-alcoholic version of the piña colada. Here you will enjoy its coconut and pineapple notes in a smooth and sweet cocktail that is also ideal for summer.   

  1. 15. Juices and fruit waters  

Finally, fruit juices and fruit waters. An orange juice always goes great with breakfast or a green juice to accompany your favorite dishes from the Xel-Há buffet.  

Find it here:  

  • Orange juice  

  • Cold chocolate  

  • Melon juice  

  • Green juice  

  • Watermelon juice  

  • Lemonade  

  • Horchata water  

  • Natural water 


How do I paired my favorite drinks?  

We couldn't close this beverage guide without giving you some tips on pairing the most popular drinks with the Xel-Há buffet.  

Orange juice 

  • Breakfast: A classic that never fails. It pairs perfectly with eggs, hotcakes, chilaquiles and yogurt with granola.  
  • Melon juice  

Appetizers: Refreshing and light, ideal with hams, fresh cheese and salads.  

Entrees: Pairs well with grilled white fish, and vegetarian dishes.  

  • Horchata water 

Entrees: The sweetness of horchata can help balance the spicy or creamy flavors of Mexican food.  

  • Green juice 

Breakfast: Ideal for a healthy, energy-packed breakfast. Pairs perfectly with smoothies, fruit cocktail and avocado toast

  • Beer 

Entrees and snacks: Combines perfectly with hamburgers, pizzas, chicken wings and nachos. Also, with grilled red meats.   

  • Piña colada 

Entrees: Pairs well with grilled fish and seafood, chicken and rice. Choose dishes with salty or sour flavors to balance the sweetness of the cocktail.  

  • Mojito 

Entrees: Ideal with chicken, pork or shrimp dishes.  

Now you're ready!   

You are now ready to visit Xel-Há's restaurants and try all the drinks you want in moderation.  

Enjoy your day at the Natural Wonder and let yourself be carried away by its natural and gastronomic charms.   

Remember to share your experience with us on our social networks. 

Have the best day ever!  

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