When in Mexico, drink like a mexican

The top five beverages you’ll need to try

Mexico has a lot to offer. When you choose to come here I’m sure you think about all the new things you’ll see and try, well these obviously must include drinks! Whether you come for pleasure, business or fun, make sure you have these 5 popular Mexican drinks:



1. I know what you’re thinking… Tequila! Well yes, yes, we do like to drink lots of tequila. Did you know we produce over 250 million liters of tequila annually? There are 1,400 registered brands! Salud amigo!




2. Now, this takes me to my favorite drink for vacations: Margarita! Although the original one is made with lime, you can now find different margarita flavors: Tamarind, hibiscus, chamoy, orange, strawberry… I’ll stop naming flavors or I will hit the bar right this second!




3. Everyone likes beer right? And of course, beer is popular everywhere, but here we mix it with chili! Let’s have a Michelada! This drink is beer mixed with lime and assorted sauces, spices and peppers. Hot like Mexico!




4. Not everything is alcohol in Mexico. We love to have a refreshing afternoon with some aguas frescas, a.k.a. flavored natural water. You can find aguas frescas made of almost any fruit, seed and flavor, the most popular are hibiscus, tamarind, horchata (rice), lime and watermelon. But you may find some mixes like passion fruit & mango or chia seed and cucumber among many others. Make sure you try at least one!




5. This list wouldn’t be complete without coffee. Get ready to delight your palate with some café de olla, traditionally prepared in earthen clay pots with cinnamon and piloncillo.




What other beverages do you know or would you like to try when in Mexico?