Drinks You Must Try At Xoximilco Cancun

 Mexican drinks that are not Tequila

Xoximilco Cancun is famous for three things: live music, great hosts and all the tequila you can drink. But if you are not such a tequila enthusiast or just a really bad tequila drinker, good news! In this blog post, you’ll find five different choices of tasty drinks in Xoximilco that are not tequila involved. Take note of the ingredients and start practicing your bartender skills.

1.- Mexican Vampire

The original recipe includes tequila, but our version it’s much better because it has beer instead. Just pour yourself some Corona and add a little sangrita with lime for a fresh and sour taste. If you like fruit beers, you’ll love our version of the “Mexican Vampire.”

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2.- Vodka Ricardo

A Mexican variation of the drink “Vodka Ricky.” If you like strong cocktails, or just want something with fewer calories, this is a perfect choice. A refreshing and bubbly drink made with vodka and sparkly water. Don’t forget to add ice and lime for a fresh twist!

3.- Cuba Libre

If you are more of a sweet drink person, a classic Cuba Libre cocktail is the choice. A simple, but delicious recipe. Just mix a little rum, Pepsi, and lime. Remember the secret is in the lime. Otherwise, it will be just soda with rum.

4.- Vodka loco

If you are always looking for new flavors, Vodka loco is the right choice for you. A refreshing drink, made with hibiscus flower, vodka, and lime. The result is a fresh and sweet cocktail, perfect for cheer for those hot days and cold nights. 

5.- Red Paloma

If you love fresh and sweet flavors, the Red Paloma is made for you. Beer is the base, and squirt is the flavoring. Feeling adventurous? Add some chili powder at the top of the glass for a tangy and spicy taste.

Now you are all set for the fiesta! We will provide all the ingredients for making your own drinks in Xoximilco: including tequila, vodka, rum, beer, sangrita, fresh waters, sodas, and lime.

What other cocktail combinations can you think of?

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