How does love for Mexico feels like

September 10, 2020

Love for Mexico is more than a feeling

It is a moment, a taste, a sound, is much, much more

Defining love for Mexico in one word is very difficult, I would even dare to say that it’s almost impossible. Mexicans all around, plus those adopted by the country, fall almost blindly in love with its landscapes, people, culture, traditions, and food. Love for Mexico is something that, once you feel it, it’s impossible to take away from you. It’s something that accompanies you all the time, wherever you are and wherever you go.

1.- Getting off the plane after an incredible view of Mexico

Love for Mexico | View from the sky

When you’re landing in Mexico, you know that something great is waiting for you. Mexicans are some of the friendliest people that will welcome you to their country. And besides the friendliness, Mexico just has a very particular charm. Once you arrive and get that first peek from the plane’s window, your heart will shake, and your stomach will be filled with butterflies. That right there is love for Mexico.

2.- Visit a family home is the perfect way to feel love for Mexico

Mexican Town | Love for Mexico
Max Bohme

All Mexican families have their customs and traditions, and nothing can compare to getting a taste of it as doing it in person. You can get a sense of it if you have a Mexican friend, and believe me, you won’t regret it. You’ll try out their favorite meals, as well as their most typical customs, just another reason to love Mexico.

3.- Taquitos, always taquitos, they are the true love for Mexico


To love Mexico is to enjoy its gastronomy and, of course, tacos. A delicious dish that only Mexicans have achieved to perfection. Let the tortilla, meat, sauce, vegetables, and lemon conquer your palate. Definitely, the real taste of love.

4.- Create moments that you will remember forever


Each moment lived in Mexico will stay with you forever. Your vacation in this beautiful country will fill your thoughts with all those incredible moments, the delicious food, the beautiful landscapes, as well as the friendly people and amazing traditions. Mexico is a great country and I am sure that you’ll come back sooner than you think.

5.- The colors of Mexico, everything is so colorful!

Xoximilco Cancun

Those who come to Mexico, fall in love with its colors. The enormous variety of picturesque colors can be found from a market with an incredible array of fruits and vegetables, to magical villages with colorfully painted houses that will catch your attention. This variety of colors can be enjoyed and lived in Xoximilco Cancun, which is an excellent example of the folklore and color of this beautiful country.

Love for Mexico is something that cannot be described with a single word. It is a feeling that will always accompany you once you discover it. Once you feel it, you will become a Mexican, regardless of what country you were born. As Chavela Vargas said: “We Mexicans are born wherever we want.'

Do you identify anything else that makes you feel the love for Mexico? Write it in the comments!

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