Xoxi What?

What Is Xoximilco Not About

If you’ve ever been to Xoximilco, you know it’s a little hard to try to explain to your friends what it really is about. So that’s why we decided to help you and tell you instead what Xoximilco is not about.

1. Is not a Gondola ride

But you will go on board a trajinera in water canals. These traditional Mexican color boats original from Xochimilco, Mexico City are decorated with floral arches with female names such as “Lupita” or “Maria”. In Xoximilco, Cancun, you will see the names of our states, like Quintana Roo or Guadalajara.

 2. Is not a nightclub

But you will dance all night. No playback or Dj with a laptop! Just authentic live Mexican music like Mariachi, bolero, or Norteño band. For dance, tips go here.

3. Is not a restaurant

But you will enjoy 20 authentic Mexican culinary dishes. It’s a tasting fiesta with tamales, baby crickets, guacamole, and much more!

4. Is not a pub

But you will have unlimited beer, tequila, and sodas, so feel free to experiment with all kinds of cocktails with tequila and beer, like cheladas, “Charro” negro, and more.

5. It is not a museum.

But you will learn about the Mexican culture in a fun and entertaining way, through music, food, legends, and meeting new people!

Now you are ready to live a unique experience in your next visit to Cancun, pack your dancing shoes, and practice your Spanish, Porque ¡nos vamos de fiesta!