15 tips to plan the best trip

Ready to discover Mexico!

You are about to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has an incomparable diversity and a cultural heritage that amazes everyone. 


But speaking of traveling, before arriving and enjoying Mexico, you must plan and do some research about the places you are about to visit. Even more, if you are from a place with a very different culture. Here are some tips if you are visiting Mexico for the very first time.

  1. Plan your schedule. Choose with time the towns or cities to visit. Then calculate distances and times so you can make the most out of your days in Mexico.
  2. If you are visiting Mexico, most of the flights arriving to tourist places like beaches, are direct. If not, you may have to do a scale at Mexico City or Guadalajara City.
  3. The weather. We have all type of climates. For example, at Cancun or Riviera Maya, we have sunny days and warm temperature almost all the year, but if you are also visiting Mexico city you may find heavy rain seasons or cold weather during autumn and winter. It doesn’t hurt to bring a jacket. Also, remember to check constantly the weather reports so you can be prepared.
  4. Mexican peso is the official currency. Although in many tourist places you can pay in dollars. It is convenient to have a very well organized wallet and use the money exchange houses. Pesos may be useful if you want to pay taxis, public transportation or other small expenses.viajar-a-Mexico
  5. While visiting Mexico you will hear the different accents depending on where are you. You can hear the differences between the Spanish spoken at the north, the center and the one spoken near to the shores. Do not be surprised if you find that we offer you a beer in more than 3 o 4 different ways.
  6. Mexican food all the way! Being honest with you; many people may find it a little spicy. However, you have to ask what is the most traditional food of that place and give it a try. Go little by little with the local food so you can be familiarized with the Mexican seasoning.
  7. Lodging for all types of travelers. No matter what is your style for traveling wherever you go, you can find where to stay with all your needs and likes. It can be a small hotel in a Colonial town, a luxury resort at the Mexican Caribbean or camping at a natural site.
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  8. As soon as you arrive to your destination, ask for the routes and rates of public transportation (most of them are unscheduled so you have to wait at the bus stop). Sometimes this is a good option to visit more places for less money
  9. If you forget something or have the chance to buy some food for cooking. You will find supermarkets almost everywhere, also small local shops where you can find the basics.
  10. Visit a local market. This is a chance that you shall take. You can find traditional food, souvenirs, and art crafts at very good prices.viajar-a-Mexico-1
  11. Mexico is full of museums. They are the best way to learn about the history of a place. Find the nearest one and make time to do a visit.
  12. Tips and gratifications are very common. We are used to giving a 10% to 15% as a tip if the service at a restaurant was good. Drivers and tour operators also receive your gratifications which are very important to them.
  13. Power connections run at 100 volts at 60 Hz with flat outlet plugs. Before visiting Mexico check if you will need adapters for charging smartphones or cameras.
  14. Water to drink. We recommend to always have with you bottled water. Only a few places and hotels may have water filters in their faucets.
  15. We are very warm and kind people. In fact, if you meet new people, instead of a formal handshake you may receive a hug and a kiss.


If your next vacation includes a visit to Cancun or Riviera Maya you can’t miss these landmarks.

We hope these few tips help in your visit to Mexico. This is a country full of cultural and natural richness and we are lucky to be part of it.

What will be the next city, town or beach that you are going to visit in Mexico?