5 Ways To Overcome Your Fears In Xplor

February 15, 2018

Wonderful landscapes are waiting

Overcome your fears and spring into the adventure

Xplor Park is the perfect mix of adventure and nature. It’s a place where your heart will beat at maximum speed while you enjoy the incredible unique natural wonders of the Mayan Riviera. However, if you are afraid of dark or heights, maybe you have not taken one step further to visit the park. Don’t worry! In the following lines, we will tell you some tips to overcome your fears so you can have a pleasant time in our activities.

1.- Fear of heights? Just look forward

Zip-lines are Xplor’s biggest attraction; we have 2 circuits that extend for 3.8 kilometers (a little bit more than 2.3 miles) over the jungle. This is an activity where your body will fill with adrenaline, and your face will show the most significant mile you could have. If heights are not your thing, don’t worry, it’s entirely reasonable! You will not be the first or the last one with this feeling.

The tip here is fundamental: don’t look down; keep focused on the landscape. Why should you overthink and suffer during this trip if you have a panoramic view of Caribbean’s natural wonders in front of you? Your eyes will love the sea, the trees, or the waterfalls and then you will forget how high our zip-lines are. As soon as you complete the first circuit, you will run to start the second one… I guarantee it.

2.- Caves, shadows, and stalactites: take it easy, it’s okay

As kids, one of the most feared things in the darkness. The actual problem is not the light’s absence, but the risks our mind creates when we can not see clearly what is in front of us. These natural reactions can come back to us if we are, for example, swimming in an underground river or walking through a millenary cave, like the ones under Xplor.

To avoid these, our caverns have smooth and cozy lighting that will take all fear-sensations from you. Besides, the illumination is meticulously placed to stand out the stalactites and other rock formations. Immerse in these extraordinary environments that took several hundred years to be born… you’ll love them.

3.- Underground-rivers… safer than you thought

Being concerned when you’re surrounded by water is also normal, sometimes you may feel a little worried even if you are an experienced swimmer. We could feel this, especially, in natural spaces with light currents or when we ignore how deep the waterbody is.

In Xplor you have the chance to overcome this sensation and jump into the crystalline water. Our underground river has two routes with different length; this can be really helpful if you doubt you can complete the activity. Also, there are emergency exits every 100 meters (328 feet) in case you regret the decision, something that will not happen when you see this hidden nature’s beauty.

But that’s not all. We have placed guidelines all over the path, and the lifejacket is mandatory. Cool, right? The only concern you should have is to admire this peaceful and amazing atmosphere.

4.- Safety first

There are no doubts, in Xplor we will take care of you. Helmets, harness, vehicles, ropes… everything has been carefully designing and verified to keep you safe without stopping the fun. This would be an additional help if you were not completely sure to visit the park.

But this is not enough for us: we have the Safety Standards Certificate for zip-lines from Challenge Towers by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Likewise, several international touristic companies have shown their trust in us through security and excellence deeds.

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5.- Every big adventure comes with a big reward

If what I have said is not enough motivation for you, let me talk about our food and beverage. We know you will need a lot of energy to complete our activities; therefore, you will find bars that offer exotic and delicious drinks… stay hydrated is really important!

But the most significant treasure is “El Troglodita,” our Restaurant. Here we offer a delightful and diverse buffet with the freshest and healthiest dishes that will help you to charge your batteries. As it should be, we use ingredients with a really high quality… higher than our zip-lines!

What do you think to know? I’m pretty sure you want to visit Xplor after reading this post… Do it! You will not regret it. After leaving your fears behind and having an amazing day, you will desire to revisit the park.

For now, tell us: do you have other tips to overcome the fears? Which is the best advice you have to start an adventure?

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