Beyond the Turquoise Blue

Fun facts about the Natural Wonder

 Do you remember the day you spent at Xel-Há? The incredible turquoise blue, the radiant sun and just to be part of a world full of life. I’m sure that you enjoyed it to the fullest! But, did you ever wonder what’s beyond that incredible place? Here’s five things you didn’t know about the Natural Wonder:

1. You could fit 84 professional football soccer fields in it. That’s amazing! Xel-Há has over 207 acres, of which 173 are of land and 34 are of water. You could swim for hours and hours!


2. Xel-Há is much more than a cove. You might think that it is one cove by the sea, but there are actually several creeks, where underground rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula disembogue. In addition, you’ll also find Cenote Aventura, Cenote Paraíso, the Mayan Cave and the Black Lagoon.


3. In Xel-Há two visual phenomena occur: the halocline and thermocline. If you thought the water was filled with oil or sunscreen, you’re wrong. This is only a visual effect caused by one of these phenomena. The halocline refers to a layer of the water column in which salinity changes rapidly with depth, while the thermocline is a layer where the temperature changes quickly. Both occur when water from underground rivers flowing into Xel-Há is combined with seawater.


4. Six hundred staff smile at you every day of the year. Receiving 650,000 visitors a year is not an easy task and that is why 600 people dedicate their effort and enthusiasm to serve you with love.


5. Xel-Há is the most sustainable Park worldwide. Among the awards that the Park has received is the international certification for Sustainable Tourism EarthCheck, becoming the first park in the world to obtain the category “Gold” in 2014. Distinctive Socially Responsible Company, Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor and the Award for Best Business Practices for the Preservation and Conservation of Threatened Species including the Queen Conch.


The Natural Wonder of Mexico is fascinating, we could certainly continue to tell stories of each of its corners, but instead we invite you to discover them personally and tell us what you lived. Can you also share a picture with us? #XelHá.