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Traveling with your baby for the first time might be a little overwhelming, but it should not be a mission impossible. A family vacation is a perfect opportunity where you and your loved ones will have the chance to create new memories together. Your baby will be excited about all of the new things he will be experiencing.



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After choosing your destination, finding activities suitable for you and your little one will be the next step. If you are planning to travel to the Riviera Maya, Xcaret is the place you can’t miss. Without any doubt, this is the place where you will be able to find activities for every member of your family.

Do you want to know why? Read the next 5 reasons why Xcaret should be on the top of your list of activities to do at the Riviera Maya.


1.- Floating down the Underground River

Xcaret doesn’t have any restrictions for kids swimming at the Underground Rivers. This is an activity for families. Remember that every child reacts differently when interacting with water, especially if it is their first time.



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Is it safe? The answer is yes! It is mandatory to wear a life vest before entering to the Underground Rivers, you can even find baby size life jacket that will fit your child. Through your swim on the river, you will find lifeguards that will be taking care of you and your family at all times. Something important that you should remember is that the water temperature is around 75° Fahrenheit. 


2.- Fun to their size

The World of Children at Xcaret is a specially designed space for your little kids with activities for them. It has a natural swimming pool with a waterfall and a slide for the older ones. An excellent space where you can join your baby for a swim. You will also find little water fountains where your kid will be able to play with other children. 



3.- Into the water we go! 

The beach at Xcaret is the perfect place where your little one will have the chance to dive into crystalline water or maybe just play with the sand. If it is the first time that your baby meets the beach, remember to take baby steps and be patient. Let him take his time to get confident with the sand and water. In the end, this will be an experience he will enjoy for sure.

Do not forget to protect him from the sun with a hat, biodegradable sunscreen, and a swim shirt. 



 4.- Let their imagination fly 

Join your little one in a unique experience! Imagine entering a space where you could see butterflies flying around in an open space, from flower to flower, or maybe enjoying a piece of orange. At the Butterfly Pavilion, you will be able to see butterflies of different colors and sizes. If you are lucky enough, maybe one might stand on you and take an epic picture.


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5.- Learning while playing

At Xcaret, your baby will be able to meet different species of animals that live in the park, they will also learn a bit from the animal care and protection programs we have. Your baby will have the chance to meet face to face with different beautiful creatures. Contemplate colorful macaws, listen to the unique sound of the flamingos, watch sea turtles swimming and the infinite colors of fish at sea. 



Photo by Selayon

There is no other place like Xcaret in the Riviera Maya, where your little kids will be able to live amazing experiences. You will definitely spend a fantastic day in the Park. 


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