Live an adventure in the Yucatecan Coast

Discovering the beauty of Mexico’s nature

Yucatan has an interesting story which has ancient origins, and that is precisely why we consider it one of the most beautiful states of Mexico, which turns every trip into an amazing adventure. This state hides places of great beauty along its territory, and an example of it are its beautiful beaches.

5 incredible beaches in Yucatan you may not know
Photo: PpToTravel

So take note, because here we’ll share some of them with you, and we are sure you’ll want to pack your bags to travel to this quiet paradise.

1.- Chelem

This beautiful fishing port is located near Merida City, west to Progreso Port. Here, you will forget about the big hotels and enjoy a picturesque village with small streets; you will soak up the sun while swimming in its quiet beaches. If you want a little more adventure, you can take a boat tour through its estuary and discover the waterhole, as well as several species of birds that inhabit the mangroves.

5 incredible beaches in Yucatan you may not know
Photo: Playas de México

2.- San Crisanto

This fishing village has one of the most beautiful beaches in the state, which is surrounded by natural sites such as “Cenote Bravo or “Dzonot-Tzik.” Something that characterizes this beach is that every evening, the sea recedes up to 300 feet resulting in a unique place to watch the sunset and camp to spend the night beneath the stars. This beautiful place is located 32 miles from Progreso, on the road leading to the villages of Uaymitún and Telchac.

Photo: Jose Antonio Sanches León

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3.- Celestun

Known as one of the Pink Flamingo Sanctuaries in Mexico, it’s surrounded by incredible natural sites like the Celestun Biosphere Reserve; home to thousands of birds, mammals, and reptiles as well as peaceful beaches. The sand has a beige hue that contrasts with the color of the water, which in some spots reaches really dark blue tones.

5 incredible beaches in Yucatan you may not know


Located on a small sand strip on the coast of Yucatan, Uaymitun is the perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend, whether you decide to sunbathe on the sand or enjoy swimming among its blue waters. This small town also hides an adventurous side in the Estuary, where you can watch the pink flamingos in total freedom from the tower located on the shore. It’s located 33 miles from Merida City, on the Uaymitun-Telchac coastal road.

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5.-Dzilam de Bravo 

This port is located at the end of the road Tizimin-Dzidzantun and is one of the most beautiful places in Yucatan. This small fishing village is surrounded by natural wonders such as the Elepetén Cenote, many waterholes, the lagoon and the “bocas,” name given to the places where the sea meets the river. It has many pristine beaches along its coast which are considered nesting areas for several species of birds. It’s located 67 miles from Merida City on the road from Progreso to Santa Clara.

5 incredible beaches in Yucatan you may not know
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Now, you’re ready to plan your next weekend and discover these sites full of adventure and beauty. We recommend you wear comfortable clothes and go eagerly to have fun exploring how great the state of Yucatan is.

Please, tell us, have you visited another beach in Yucatan?