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With crystal waters and stories that often make us travel through time; cenotes have shared history with the Yucatan Peninsula since its inception. We can find them in caverns, in the jungle and near the ancient Mayan cities like Chichen Itza and Coba. Cenotes were considered portals to the underworld and have always been surrounded by mysticism and captivating beauty.

5 cenotes to visit in Yucatan
Photo: Adam Baker

How many cenotes exist? Which one is the most beautiful one? These questions are not easy to be answered. Thousand of cenotes have been registered and all have something that makes them unique. That’s why in this blog post we’ll show you five amazing cenotes to consider for your next trip to Yucatan.

1.- Cenote Kankirixché

It is located in the town of Mukuyche, 5 miles away from the city of Merida. Once you’re in town, you have to follow the signs until you get to the entrance, you’ll descend 16 yards using a ladder to reach a cave with stalactites and crystalline waters. Because of its depth, ranging from five to fifty yards, this is a perfect place for diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

5 cenotes to visit in Yucatan
Photo: Yucatan Travel

2.- Cenote Lol Há 

Surrounded by ancient endemic trees, this cenote is in Yaxunah town, located 15 miles from the archeological site of Chichen Itza. Here, you’ll find an ancient Mayan settlement of the same name and a considerable amount of cenotes.

Cenote Lol Ha has clear waters with a depth of eight to sixteen yards, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Photo: Gustavo Moguel

3.- Cenote Ik-Kil

It’s probably the most famous in Yucatán. It measures 66 yards in diameter and 47 yards depth. Cenote Ik-Kil has hosted international cliff diving championships, part of its charm lies in the lush natural surroundings and the great stone staircase with lookouts to marvel while you descend.

Cenote Ik-Kil has all the facilities for visitors, such as showers, restaurant, and parking lot.

5 cenotes to visit in Yucatan
Photo: Gap Di Gitto Antonino

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4.- Cenote X-lacah 

This cenote is an ideal place to spend time with family. Its crystalline waters hide an underwater lily garden and colorful fish. It’s located near Merida City, in the archeological site of Dzibilchaltun.

Its depth varies between one yard along its banks to 46 yards at its deepest part. There’s a cave in which archeologists have found remains of pottery, carved bones, and wooden objects.


5.- Cenote Yokdzonot

Located in Yokdzonot town, it’s one of the few cenotes that remain a mystery with a recorded depth is 49 yards: divers haven’t reached its bottom yet.

This cenote and its facilities started as a community project: villagers have cleaned and conditioned it for visitors. It has camping area, hammocks, and a Yucatecan food restaurant.

Photo: Flickr

As you can see, Yucatan hides a lot of sites full of adventure and nature to discover in your next trip. These are just some of the thousands of cenotes found throughout this beautiful state.

Have you discovered any cenote in your travels? Share it with us!