The best story is the one we live together

Holidays with the most important: the family


Moments of happiness that I assure you that you will live if you decide to give your family a trip on your next vacation. After having lived through days of hard work, long days at school and many responsibilities at home, what you and your family deserve is a break. Go to a place where your daily worries and routines are paused for a few weeks, and all you have to do is enjoy moments of happiness as a family!

In Cancun, there are many options for a perfect family vacation, beautiful beaches, parks, natural landscapes and cultural activities. If you have already traveled as a family, you will surely agree with me that the next 17 moments are experiences that are worth gold and that your family deserves that and more.


1.- When your effort finally pays off

You spent a lot of time planning this trip, organizing all the members of the family so that the dates coincide, saving, looking for flights, lodging, etc. The moment in which all your effort pays off is unique, when they are already boarding the plane, everyone is excited and the day so awaited by everyone arrived: the holidays!

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2.- When you see the sunshine through the clouds again

It is likely that one of the reasons why you decided to travel, is because you needed a free time for you, to get out of the routine and forget about things that cause you stress in your daily life. If this is the case, when you arrive at a place where you see nothing but peace and beauty, you live an exceptional personal moment, it is like a breath of fresh air necessary to recharge energy and connect with nature.

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3.- When you discover new reasons to feel impressed with yourself

There is a famous saying that says “climb a mountain so you can see the world, not so that the world can see you” and it is right. When you go on a trip, it is common to face situations, big or small, that become opportunities to impress yourself. Jump off the cliff, climb the mountain, dive into the depths of the sea, jump on the highest zip line and feel proud of what you are achieving.

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4.- When you remember the love you feel for other cultures

There are places where it is inevitable to feel love and pride in culture, no matter where you are from. See the colors, living traditions and folklore of your country in front of you is a moment you do not want to change for nothing. When you go with your family, especially if you have children, the feeling becomes even stronger because it is very likely that they know for the first time the roots of their culture.

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5.- When you see a genuine smile that you helped to create

Few things are more satisfying than helping someone smile a little more than before. See the people you love happy, living fully and sharing experiences with you that will always remember, without a doubt it is one of the best moments that a family holiday will give you.

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6.- When you share what you love most with your loved ones

Sharing your passions with your children, nephews or any member of the following generations is something you will remember forever. If your family vacations are at the beach, you can teach them how to swim and lose their fear of water in underground rivers or cenotes. Sharing your adventurous spirit with the little ones will make you feel that a part of you is staying with them.

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7.- When you live a moment of conscious presence

Without realizing it, it always happens that we go through life running to the next moment, but what about the moment you are in? Leaving your city and doing different activities will make you live moments of conscious presence, those that make you realize that life is too short for that. Take a moment here and now to simply be and breathe.

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8.- When you taste new flavors that make your palate explode

The daily diet gives you one cheat meal per week to eat as much as you want, but when you’re on vacation, every day is cheat day! You do not have to travel outside your country to try different dishes,  delights are waiting for you in each city. If you are a food lover, you surely know what it feels like to try something delicious for the first time, discover your new favorite dessert and share it with your family.

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9.- When you feel the lightness of being a beginner again

In your life, you already have several things 100% dominated, such as your work, school, work at home, hobbies, you are already an expert, and that is very good, but there is always much more to learn. The feeling of not knowing absolutely nothing about something, being a beginner and starting from scratch will give you a lightness that few things in life give you. Give yourself the opportunity, try new things and share these moments with your family.

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10.- When you see your family more united than ever

The important thing about a family is not living together, but being united. Probably some members of your family live far away or in another city and do not see each other as often as you would like, but when they meet, it’s a complete party. Going on vacation together to a new destination is an excellent option, change the meetings at the grandmother’s house for a Christmas on the beach, it will be unforgettable and fun for all ages.

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11.- When you remember the joy of doing things for the first time

You can see or do something a million times, but you can only see it or do it for the first time, just once. And that makes it do it, it’s worth it. Many of the great moments you will remember all your life, will be those of when you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new. Imagine your aunts driving an amphibious car in the middle of the jungle, or walking alone in the completely dark Xensatorium, emotion assured.

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12.- When you’re amazed at the little details that make a big difference

The wonderful thing about life is that it is made of small details, and that is something that we sometimes let go unnoticed. Nature is the best example, and sometimes it is enough to stop and observe to marvel at its greatness. Going to places like aquariums, nurseries, butterfly farms, aviaries, among others, will allow you to truly amaze with their magic. If that moment itself is already unique, imagine being accompanied by your family, sharing the astonishment and creating memories together.

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13.- When you are busy living the love

Some days are so good that they seem to come from a romantic movie. Holidays are also for romance, to connect better as a couple and that the only thing that keeps your mind occupied, is the love of life and those in it. After a romantic vacation, you will return home more in love than ever.

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14.- When you release yourself from stress and manage to have fun as a child again

There is not a single adult who would not like to relive his childhood. There are places where it is inevitable to want to play again, jump, run, smile and live life as if you were a small child. If your family holidays are in Cancun, you can not miss a visit to Xenses Park, it is one of those places to release stress and have fun.

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15.- When you feel sincere gratitude for life

Maybe you may not realize it in the moment, but just look at a picture of your family together and visit impressive places, to realize how grateful you are with life. Achieving goals together is the most rewarding thing you can do as a family.

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16.- When you return home and have thousands of stories to tell

It does not matter that the holidays are over, the fun continues! Your children will not stop talking about how good they spent playing on the beach, seeing macaws and manatees and flying on zip lines. At work, everyone will want to know how it went and by telling them every detail, you will relive the happy feelings.

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17.- When you recognize that you did the right thing when booking that family trip

And finally, there comes the final moment in which you are delighted with your trip, and you recognize that it was the best that they could have taken: going on vacation together.

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It’s time to celebrate the love that unites the family.