Both of them are full of adventure and adrenaline

We’ll help you choose

Either at day or night Xplor is a Park full of adventure and adrenaline. Both of them are guaranteed fun. But if you’re wondering which one to choose and what are the real differences between them, keep reading.

All you have to do is to answer the following questions:

What do you prefer?

1.- To fly under the stars or admiring the blue sky and the green jungle?

2.- To get into the dark forest and hear the silence of the night while driving an amphibious or to observe the beautiful nature of the Riviera Maya with daylight?

3. To drink a delicious hot chocolate at night after going out of  underwater rivers, or natural juices and smoothies to energize in the morning?

4.- To enjoy a delicious buffet that goes from healthy food to Mexican snacks in the morning, or to eat the best barbecue ribs from the Riviera Maya in the evening?

If you are crazy about ribs, read:  Reasons why the food is a good reason to visit Xplor Fuego

Certainly it is a difficult decision, do you know already which one to choose? Whichever you decide to go, we are sure you will have a lot of fun (and return to live the experience that you didn’t choose).