What to Do in Xcaret Park - Activities for each Color Route

July 09, 2024

A guide to exploring Xcaret Park and making the most of it with the interactive map on the Xcaret App.

If you have heard about Xcaret Park, you know it is a place every traveler must visit in Mexico.

One of the most outstanding features of this paradise is the numerous routes that our visitors can follow to make it easier to choose what to do during their visit. Each route or trail is marked with different colors: red, white, black, brown, green, and blue.

These trails go through different scenarios of Xcaret, such as the jungle, the beach, underground rivers, and even relics of ancient civilizations. There are habitats to admire the flora and fauna in this area of the Caribbean and Mexico, swimming areas, restaurants, cultural activities, and live shows.

This blog will show you what to find on these trails to help you walk. In addition to this information, I highly recommend you download our Xcaret App to check the schedules of our shows, restaurants, optional activities, and the numbers that identify each one on the Xcaret map.


How to make the most of the interactive map in the Xcaret App

Even though the Xcaret app isn't exactly new, it's constantly revamped, and new features are being added to improve your experience.  One of the latest additions is the ability to create routes directly from the park map. Look for the walking man icon on any activity tabs, and the app will create a route from your current location to your selected destination. 

One of the latest additions is the ability to plot routes directly from the park map. Look for the walking man icon on any of the activity cards, and the app will draw the route from your current location to your selected destination.

Additionally, this map shows the park's six predefined routes, each identified by a distinctive color that you can follow on the maps and on the ground, like breadcrumbs leading you to adventure. This option is perfect if you want to customize your tour and explore at your own pace.


River Route - Black trail

This is the longest trail in Xcaret, and it starts exiting the Main Plaza and goes through the entire park until you reach the exit of underground rivers.  This is all you will find if you go through it during your visit:    

- Lienzo Charro

- Horse Show (Check the schedule on your application)

- Jalisco Restaurant

- Tropical Rainforest Trail

- Paradise River Tour

- Living Orchid and Bromeliad Museum

- Entrance to Underground Rivers

- Dances, Totonaca Rituals, and Voladores de Papantla. (Check the schedule on your application)

- Monkey, flamingo, deer, and tapir habitats.

- Children's World

- Pre-Hispanic vestiges

- Sea Trek with Stingrays

- Manatee Lagoon

- Oaxaca Restaurant

- Exit of the underground rivers


Aquarium Route- Blue trail 

This trail interconnects with our black trail, right in the habitat area of the monkeys, flamingos, tapir, and deer. From this point, if you continue this trail, you can explore the marine life that inhabits the seas of Mexico with the following attractions:    

- Open Theater

- Folkloric Exhibit (Check the schedule on your application)

- Pre-Hispanic vestiges

- Coral Reef Aquarium

- Swim with sharks

- Sea Turtles


Mayan Village Route - White trail

This trail is one of the most extensive, with many activities and attractions. It´s necessary to explore it carefully to avoid missing anything.  To start walking along it, you must only follow it on your right side, leaving from the central plaza.        

- Mayan Ball Game 

- "Discovering Mexico" Exhibit

- "Bridge to Paradise" Cemetery

- Crypt of Sighs

- Chapel of San Francisco de Asis

- Clay Workshop (Check the schedule on your application)

- Temazcal

- Prehispanic Village

- Prehispanic Dances (Check the schedule on your application)

- Wool Workshop (Check the schedule on your application)

- Aviary

- Butterfly Farm

- Stained Glass Plaza

- Coconut Workshop (Check the schedule on your application)

- Ceramics Workshop (Check the schedule on your application)

- Chocolate Workshop (Check the schedule on your application)

- Bakery

- Jaguars Island


Mexico Espectacular Route - Brown trail 

This color brings together Mexico's artisan and cultural richness through the different points you will find when you walk along it. You will find this road on the left side of the Plaza. You will identify it by the beautiful arch that frames its beginning.    

- Guadalupe Chapel
- Maternity of Horses
- Museum of Popular Mexican Art

- Hacienda Henequenera
- Stables
- Gran Tlachco Theater
- Xcaret Mexico Spectacular Show

- Scenic Tower


So, how do you create your own custom route? It's easier than you think! Just check out the map on the Xcaret app to save time and ensure you don't miss a thing.  You'll find the park's six default routes, each color-coded, with activities marked with small, numbered circles. 

TIP: Each of these numbers is clickable to access an information tab to see a summary and schedules. If the activity sounds appealing and you want to experience it, you can mark it as a favorite by clicking on a heart or be guided to it by clicking on the walking person. 

We also recommend exploring the variety of extraordinary activities—not included in the admission price—but that adds a lot of value to your experience. These last two routes will be your favorites because you will visit the most relaxing areas of Xcaret. To find them, follow the black line until you find the points where they connect.

It´s the perfect opportunity to remind you that the best complement to this blog will be your smartphone's Xcaret app, which will locate each activity and the connections between the routes.   

You can find it in your favorite app store on both Android and IOS:     

Beach Route - Green trail

You´ll be surrounded by the jungle and the sea as soon as you start exploring this route, leading you to the beach area of Xcaret. After walking through the other colors, you deserve a little tranquility and relaxation while you eat in one of the restaurants and bars that you will find in this list:   

- Michoacán Restaurant

- Snorkel Inlet

- Sea Trek

- Beach Snack

- Xcaret Beach

- Veracruz Restaurant

- Pai-Ai Bar


Dolphin Route - Red trail

The last route to show you is the red line, which runs through the area with the best views of Xcaret towards the Caribbean Sea. You can get to this color by following the black line or connecting from the green one. On this line, you will find the following points:

- Xpá

- Yucatan Restaurant

- Natural Pools

- Bar Las Rocas Restaurant

- Baja California Restaurant

- Adrenaline

- Paraxute

- Snuba Reef

- Snorkel Tour

- Delphinus


If you made it to this part of the blog, I want to remind you that there are also several types of tickets to Xcaret:    

Xcaret Basic Admission   

Xcaret Plus Admission   

Xcaret Total Admission    

Xcaret Night Admission    

I hope this guide helps you enjoy Xcaret to the fullest on your next visit! 

Apasionado por lo no establecido, viajo y colecciono historia para compartir con quien quiera escucharlas, tomo fotos para recordar que aún no conozco todo el mundo y amo la tecnología porque alguna adicción debía de tener.


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