Top Drinks in Xel-Há

December 06, 2019

Our Top 5 most requested drinks and their exquisite flavors

Xel-Há, an unparalleled paradise, a beautiful inlet, freshwater that is found with saltwater, color scheme and being contact with nature. An incredible tour needs a little rest. With an All-Inclusive experience, you can eat and enjoy all the drinks that you’d like. In the following blog, you will find the top of the most requested drinks at Xel-Há. We will discover their ingredients and how combined, creates great taste in each one. 

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This is one of the drinks with the most Mexican ingredients and here you’ll see why. With pleasant flavors that rock your senses, it becomes an excellent option to quench your thirst. This drink starts out with the typical alcohol of our country, Tequila. Next, a touch of “triple sec', which is an alcohol that comes from the distillation of orange peels.

Lemon juice is an element that refreshes the drink even more. Also, chamoy can be found on the rim of the glass and finally, it has a sour mixture that has a touch of margarita, this can be seen on the ice of this drink. 


Visually this is a drink that catches your hands’ attention and makes you want to sip them all day, thanks to that reddish-orange color and the chamoy on the edge of your glass. This gave it a slightly spicy touch. Tequila feels very subtle but enough to feel its notes. 


The flagship drink of the park. A perfect combination of colors with the landscape. This drink is made up of a splash of lemon, delicious and refreshing. Curaçao makes its appearance, which is a liquor made from a sour orange originating from the Curacao island, this will give that drink a bright color. To all this, a touch of Geneva is added along with some mineral water. 


It could be the most refreshing drink of all since it is the lemon that gives you those intense notes and at the same time, it takes away your thirst. 

Purple Rain 

This drink has a very peculiar color, purple is achieved thanks to the different combinations between different cocktails and drinks, making this mixture unique. The first ingredient is lemon juice, followed by a natural syrup and mineral water.

Next, comes the mix that will give this drink a little bit of color. Grenadine, a drink made with sugar, but without alcohol. It also has Curaçao liquor, like the Xel-Há cocktail. The orange tone of the grenadine along with the blue of Curaçao will become that peculiar purple color. Finally, a touch of vodka is added. 


An unusual color for a drink, and delicious wherever you see it, it refreshes you from the first moment. It is a drink with a sweet touch that, achieves its task of keeping you satisfied with its delicious taste. 


A combination with the green apperance and nature is what results in the name of this drink. First, a lemon liqueur with vodka and pineapple juice is used to give way to the melon liqueur.

This top is for drinks with fewer combinations of ingredients. However, the taste does not compare to any of the other drinks, it it truly unique. 


The melon liqueur is the one that steals our attention, and with the excellent combination of vodka, it creates a delicious combination unlike any other. 


Striking for the different combinations in their colors. It seems complex when you see it, and its taste is very refreshing. This drink consists of orange juice, grenadine (which, as previously mentioned, has no alcohol). Now, the most refreshing part is the frozen pineapple and blue Curaçao liquor. 


It is probably the sweetest drink of our top 5, although that does not take away the deliciousness, you have the perfect combination of a piña colada along with Curaçao. This drink is one of the most visually attractive and makes you want to have more than one. 

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Which one would you ask for? 

You’ll find this and more beverages at Xel-Há and you’ll have a better time with the company of your friends and family members. Quench your thirst away and delight your taste buds to the fullest.   

 Have you visited Xel-Há? If so, share with us which was your favorite. 

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