7 small actions that will help you break the routine

May 26, 2019

From crisis to opportunity

The human being lives in constant change. The things we experience in our daily lives make us change our way of thinking, seeing, and acting. Each of the experiences we’ve encountered in our past has made us into the new person we are today.

Every day you become accustomed to time, but it’s rarely as easy to adapt to the change as it seems. We stay in a comfort zone where we already know the variables, and we feel we have control over them. When trying to leave this comfort, we will find paradigms and schemes that will not always go as expected, and we must find a way to adjust to change.

Comfort zone

It is a psychological state where the individual presents fear and anxiety in their daily lives to avoid taking any risk. These behaviors create a routine practice that becomes a kind of automatic pilot.

This space is composed of attitudes that make us feel comfortable and safe. This mentality only includes what is known; it is an environment where we feel comfortable since we believe we have everything under control. But this routine causes apathy and a vacuum that prevents individual growth by giving up initiatives that take us out of this comfort.

By always staying in our comfort zone, we feel a false sense of well-being since it is not produced by a state of satisfaction, but by the lack of negative emotions such as doubt and insecurity.

Getting out of your Comfort Zone

Leaving the comfort zone involves making different decisions. It’s about doing things that we’re not so comfortable with. In this way, the routine is abandoned, and the schemes that we draw ourselves are broken. To get different results, we must act differently. And although we feel fear, breaking the systems can be fun.

Unlike popular belief, we do not need significant changes to get out of our comfort. We need practical, simple, but risky ideas that take us to step by step out of the routine. Life will continue to change, and this change brings uncertainty. We have to recognize our fears and strengths so that when a new situation arises, we can face it as a challenge.

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As we leave our comfort zone, we notice our fears and psychological barriers, which we create with our limiting thoughts. When entering a new field, we can get to feel anxiety, but that does not mean we should stop. We must explore and not be envious of the achievements of others who have already fulfilled their dreams. Sometimes we need to discover what path to follow and accept the challenge that is presented to us to achieve our goals.

We must learn to dare to do things without following the rules to the letter. We must reject the fear of being wrong, to go beyond what we knew and expand our sea of knowledge and emotions. Thus, we grow as people and as social beings.

7 small actions that will help you break the routine:

1. Get rid of one thing a day that you no longer use for a month.

In this way, we not only observe a real change in our surroundings, but we open the way to new things that we feel serves us something.

2. Turn off your cell phone and computer for a few hours.

It is known that spending a lot of time in front of a screen, even if it is the cell phone, causes us discomfort and possible health problems. Also, these electronic devices can create a strong dependency due to the high need for information we have today. Letting go of the cell phone for a while, although it can be difficult, is a kind of meditation, and a weight that is lifted off for a moment.

3. Make a list of the non-important things you spend money on.

In this way, you will realize not only where you are wasting your money, but also notice the habits that are not necessary for your day to day and change them for something that does add up.

4. Go to a restaurant that you do not know or to different stores that you always go to.

In this way, you not only allow yourself to try new things. But also to meet different people and you may discover a new favorite place.

5. Learn a new language

This opens many doors for you. When learning a new language, we can not only talk to people from other countries and cultures. This also makes it easier for us to move around the world if we ever want to do so.

6. Go running.

It is said that running, apart from being good for the body is good for the mind. When we go running, we disconnect from our responsibilities and only think about breathing and taking each step-in due time. In the same way, running is quite useful when looking for that moment of “Eureka' because the mind clears.

7. Try reading a book while you are on a bus or subway, leave the music aside for some time.

We are so accustomed to noise that when there is silence, we play music at full volume to be able to concentrate, although you might feel that it helps. If what we want is to think differently, there is nothing like entering into the mind of another person, in this case, a literary author.

Now more than ever, a new mentality is needed. We are in crucial times, and it is essential to break the schemes of the old societies since these do not apply to the modern world. We must start doing things differently so that everyone leaves their comfort zone and opens new opportunities and new horizons.

What do you do to get out of your comfort zone? Let us know in the comments

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