5 Things That Happen

When you step out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone is the place or situation where we feel safe or at ease and without stress. The place where it´s easy to feel confident, but if we stay there we will miss the special moments.

Fear is that feeling induced by perceived danger or threat to protect ourselves.  It is part of the sense of survival of human beings. But that fear could take us away from our goals and dreams.

What happens when you step out of your comfort zone?

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Stepping out of that “comfort zone” where we feel safe might seem worst than it really is. Reality is that nothing good comes out from staying in the same place, where nothing good is going to happen.

But what does really happens when you step out of your comfort zone?

1.- Get rid of fears

When facing your fears, you take away the power of what frightens you, and you learn that obstacles only exist in your mind. Facing your fears is like diving into the sea. At first, you will feel butterflies in your stomach and might get a sense of panic but after that, you realize that the only thing you had to do was to take the first step and just enjoy the fall.

2.- Ignore the negative comments

You learn how to ignore the people who say you can´t make it or that is is “too complicated” to achieve. Someone once told me that whenever  I want to achieve something, I shouldn´t share it with anyone else. That I should keep it to myself and make it true. Because when you tell someone else about your plans, you will normally listen to a “That is difficult” or “You won´t make it.” People are used to first telling you and think about the worst scenarios, instead of saying you that it is possible.

3.- You discover yourself

You realize that you are stronger than you thought. When you overcome your fears and understand that you are capable of reaching your goals, you find out abilities inside you that you did not know you had. You realize you were able to do things you didn´t even imagine before.

4.- Enjoy challenges

You enjoy new challenges and your self-trust increases. After overcoming your first obstacle, you realize that you enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when achieving your goals and you will want to pursue bigger ones. The search for new emotions and defying your limits turns into a vice.

5.- Become an inspiration

Turn into inspiration for other people. Listening to successful stories inspires us, it shows us that things are possible. Now the next time someone shares their dreams with you, you will know how to support them.

Stepping out of your comfort zone might seem scarier than it really is. The only thing I could say to you is that if you stay where you are, you will miss the best and amazing adventures and moments that won´t happen if you stay still.

Never give up on your dreams just because you are scared. Things do not arrive by themselves we have to fight for them.