Tips to visit Cancun’s beaches safely

October 16, 2020

In need of some vitamin sea? 

The reopening of beaches in Cancun needs a lot of conscience! 

The reopening of beaches in Cancun was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated moments of this contingency. Protocols have been implemented so that this reunion with the ocean is not counterproductive for the city’s sanitary efforts. We gave ourselves the task of visiting some public beaches to verify their status and the best way to live a day of outdoors fun.

Why were the beaches reopened?

State authorities stated that since the change of the epidemiological traffic light to yellow, the reactivation of tourism could take a step forward in the northern area of Quintana Roo. As well as the opening of beaches, hotel occupancy increased.

1. Visit beaches that handle sanitary guidelines

In Cancun, you can find 23 kilometers of beaches along the Hotel Zone. Most of the ones we will discuss on this blog are in this area. They all share fine white sand that is very pleasant to the touch and warm waters. If you happen to find sargassum on your visit, you should know that this does not mean that the coast is dirty. Here we share everything you need to know about this phenomenon.

Did you know that “private beaches” don’t exist? All beaches are public and no one can keep you from accessing them. However, as you may tell if you stay in a hotel in front of the sea, guests have access to additional amenities (lounge chairs, cocktails, etc.). If this is not your case and you walk along Boulevard Kukulcán (Km 0), you will come across some well-established beaches for the general public (with services such as free bathrooms and showers) and others which you can enter in a more casual way.

I know that as locals we find incredible paradisiacal corners throughout the city, however, those “windows to the sea” might not be the best choice right now. The signaling and the support of the authorities or personnel committed to safeguarding your health, makes all the difference.

Some beaches that check these boxes are:  

  • Xcaret’s beach 

Inside theme park Xcaret, 57 km north from Tulum. 

  • Las Perlas 

Km 2.5 of the Hotel Zone. Open from 9:00 to 17:00 h. 

  • Chac Mool 

Km 10 of the Hotel Zone. Open from 9:00 to 17:00 h. 

  • Playa Marlin 

Km. 13 of the Hotel Zone, behind Kukulcán mall. Open from 9:00 to 17:00 h. 

  • Delfines Beach

Km 19.5 of the Hotel Zone. Open from 9:00 to 17:00 h. 


2. Now, there’s only one access

Under normal conditions, you can enter the beach basically by any path that connects to the sand (as I said, these are public spaces). In this new normal and under the justification of compliance with protocols, the beaches in Cancun are cordoned off and there is a single access for greater control (counting and sanitary filters).

What should you do? Find the only entrance by following the flow of people or by asking the authorities and respect the distancing signs along the way.


3. The use of face masks is mandatory when entering and leaving, as well as going through sanitary filters

As we said, in this unique access we will find the new normal “routinely' sanitary measures: temperature check, applying disinfecting gel, wearing face masks and going through the rules which aim to take care of our well-being.

Important note: remember that the mask is not a substitute for the face shield. On the recommendation of the ecological authorities, try to bring a non-disposable one to avoid the accumulation of hazardous sanitary waste and reduce the risk that they end up in the sea.

What type of masks are the best for a day at the beach? Choose lightweight multi-layered fabrics. A great combination is microfiber, surgical fleece and cotton (present in Grupo Xcaret’s masks). We also recommend the ones that can be attached to the ears to make the whole process easier and faster.

Learn about the Safe Travels Certification: the new safety guarantee for travelers around the world.

4. Avoid visiting in large groups

Whether you bring your own umbrella, use one of the palapas available at the beaches, or simply spread your towel to sunbathe: remember to avoid the risk of proximity! The new rules ask us to consider a minimum of 3 meters between groups or individuals. Also, large groups (more than 5 people) are not allowed in this reopening of beaches in Cancun.

Via IG @pptotravel

5. Bathrooms and showers are enabled

The services in the beaches reopened by state provision (those found in Boulevard Kukulcán on our list), are available under some basic restrictions such as entering individually and respecting the maximum capacity and healthy distance.


6. Arrive early as the capacity has been reduced

The beaches are operating at 60% of their capacity and for this reason, we recommend that you schedule your visit early in the morning. Around noon, you are more likely to come across a long line. When visiting Delfines beach, the authorities told us that the maximum capacity is 750 people throughout the day and since it was almost 5 in the afternoon (closing time), we were told that we would have to leave very soon.

7. Be responsible with your waste (including masks)

You will find that there are bins of different colors. Sanitary waste such as gloves, masks and masks go in the orange bins.

Consider bringing the least amount of disposable products: instead of plastic cups, invite your family to bring their thermoses. Also, it is never too late to learn how to properly separate garbage. Just follow the bins’ recommendations, take a second to do it thoroughly.

At this time of year, sea turtles visit the beaches to spawn and, hopefully, you will see a couple of turtle camps or fenced areas. In fact, Quintana Roo has been recognized as a pioneer state in the management and monitoring of these species, an important conservation effort that could be affected by human waste. I hope that the fauna of Quintana Roo can inspire you to visit these places with the greatest possible respect.


Everything you need to know about responsible sun protection: biodegradable sunscreen and other skincare musts.

8. All bags must pass a filter and alcoholic beverages are prohibited

At the entrance they will ask to check your bags or coolers to verify this, in order to be able to follow the measures applied at all times.

9. Don’t share personal belongings like towels or sunglasses

These objects can become contaminated and act as sources of transmission. We recommend the following:

  • Don’t share drinks
  • Opt for individual snacks
  • When you get back home, try to wash your towel and clothes
  • Clean your hands after touching any surface (bring your own disinfecting gel)

The best we can offer to this reopening of beaches in Cancun is empathy, and full cooperation with the protocols. Feeling the sand in your toes and the sea breeze again has very positive effects on our mood, so let’s take this with great responsibility and as an opportunity to recover quality moments within our paradise.

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