Which body type do you have?

Guide for choosing the best swimsuit

We know that when it comes to swimsuits, finding a flattering option to our body can seem like a mission impossible. Should you wear a bikini?, a one piece swimsuit?, and what on Earth is a trikini? All we know is that we want to look good and be comfortable in our vacations. Lucky for you, we are about to show you how to choose the best swimsuit for your body type. 

Pear figure

Women with this kind of body tend to have a wider bottom and narrow shoulders and waist. Go for tops with ruffles and colorful prints to add some volume in that area. Create the illusion of longer and slimmer legs by wearing Brazilian or cheeky bottom styles. 

Straight figure

Your body is well balanced, you have almost the same amount of hips and bust, with very little waist definition. Look for fun prints and textures, they will create the illusion of a more voluptuous body. Keep away from solid colors, they will only reinforce your straight figure.

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Oval Figure

This means your waist tends to be larger than your shoulders and hips. You’ll need a swimsuit that can give you all the support you need for your boobs, make sure to pick tops with thicker straps for a more flattering effect. Also, look for a bottom with a little more coverage and solid dark colors.

Athletic figure

You have wide shoulders, small hips, and toned legs. Reach for swimsuit designs with eye-catching prints. Classical triangle tops and side-tie bottoms will definitely highlight your definition! Avoid at all costs the bandeau tops, they will only flatten your athletic figure.

Hourglass figure 

Women with hourglass body tend to have the bust size equal or very similar to the hips, most of the times with a defined waist. Rock your curves by wearing bold colors on your swimsuit (avoid mix and match prints they will only make you look disproportional). If you have big boobs go for a halter style or an underwire top for extra support!

Remember, whether you’re hitting to the Riviera Maya, or just chilling at your pool, the most important thing is that you are comfortable with your own skin. Now, who’s ready for some swimsuit shopping?

What other tips would you add?

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