Is it a good idea to buy crafts during your vacations?

May 24, 2019

What are the benefits of buying crafts?

Every time we visit a new place we seek to get into their culture and take with us nice memory of our vacations. A great way to do so is by trying the local food and buy crafts.

There are two options when it comes to purchasing the perfect souvenir, either we get it from a local artisan or from more commercial establishments.

Which one is best for you? In this blog, we will give you the pros and cons of both alternatives.

Let’s start by defining the wordcraft. According to the Oxford Dictionary is a piece made by an artisan, who is a person who makes household objects by printing them a personal seal. Therefore, it is the opposite of a mass production generated by a company.

Now, what are the main differences?

1.- Economy  

When buying pieces from artisans, you are directly supporting the local development and their economy. Generating a direct income, that helps them meet their basic needs. This is what we call a Sustainable Economy since these artisans will buy the raw material from another local producer.

But if you buy from a global company, you are supporting the country’s economy because their investment translates into great profits. However, this does not impact the local economy. And it is very likely that the product you want to buy is not produced in the country you are in, so this would increase its cost.

2.- Price  

At times, the price offered by artisans might be higher than the one offered by larger companies, but because they produce in mass, their process is faster and cheaper.

Some people might consider the prices of crafts considerably high and would seek to bargain with the crafter to get a lower price. I personally, do not do this because I believe their work is worth much more. I mean, you do not go to a supermarket and try to get a lower price from the bigger brands right?.

3.- Quality  

This might depend a lot on the producer because there are craftsmen who print a lot of quality on their work, just as there are many who do not. This also applies to big companies. We can find items of excellent or bad quality in both markets, if you buy crafts, you’re taking a piece of time of the craftsman with you.

4.- Warranty  

Closely related to the previous point, when the quality of the product fails, if you buy it from a large company, is more likely to have a better warranty. Including repair or replacement of the item, although there are companies that do not offer this possibility either.

On the other hand, when buying from a craftsman, it is all about getting an agreement, in which if he wants to replace or repair your product, he will do so. But if he does not want to, there is not a legal figure to cover your purchase.

5.- It is a matter of taste  

In the end, everything depends on your taste, there is no right or wrong choice, both buy crafts or something else is fine if they meet your needs.

You can also buy crafts online, through companies like Amazon or Mercado Libre.

As you can see, both options have pros and cons. I think you can always find a balance when buying handicrafts and manufactured products.

What do you prefer to buy? Crafts or products from larger companies?    

Share your comments with us!

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