Learn to mold clay

An interactive workshop in Xcaret

During your visit to Xcaret, you will find varied cultural activities in the Mayan Village, where you can learn the roots of Mexican traditions that transcended to our times. The Clay Workshop is a relaxing activity in which you will exploit your creativity to create a piece with your own hands.



Instructor of the Clay Workshop of Xcaret “Los Aluxes”

Clay tells part of the history of our cultures since nonnomadic people started carrying pottery. Within the archaeological findings, ceramics is an indicator of a sedentary lifestyle. It tells us that these human groups settled down and practiced agriculture.




Unlike ceramics, pottery is an ancient activity, carried out mainly by women. In Mesoamerica they did not use the lathe, everything was molded by hand, and this is how you will learn how to do it in the Clay Workshop in Xcaret.




The workshop is not included in the cost of admission to the park, it has a recovery fee of 155 Mexican pesos. It consists of a detailed explanation about clay, how it is made and its history in our culture. They will give you all the necessary material to create the piece you want.




You don’t have to be an expert in molding or crafts to be able to make a clay figure. Once you choose what you want to do, the instructor will guide you step by step to achieve it. You can do easy things like a glass or a cup, or more sophisticated stuff like a human figure or an animal.




The price of the workshop includes all the tools such as brushes and sticks to detail, although most of it will be done with your hands, like our ancestors.  You will go home with an original piece of art created by yourself. It is important to mention that the clay must be baked so that it looks like the pieces that we all know. In the workshop, it can’t always be done for reasons of the visitor’s time. However, the article you take can be dried with the sun and will be strong enough.




The oven is only available for visitors as an exhibition. For safety, only the instructors use it for the pieces that are for sale. Either way, it is impressive to see a traditional clay oven up close.





Learn something new! Take home a reminder of your visit to Xcaret made by yourself.


Clay workshop in Xcaret: an activity for creatives


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