A Workshop included in your admission to Xcaret

Learn, make and taste your own chocolate


“How holy is the chocolate that grinds on your knees, together your hands are beating and seeing the sky you drink.”


There are small corners of Xcaret that have become musts when you visit the park for the first time, the Chocolate Workshop is one of them. Located in the heart of the Mayan Village, in this busy workshop, you will make your senses feast like never before.



Since you enter the Mayan hut, the aroma will captivate you. A delicious combination of chocolate, coffee, and spices that are served in their natural state. You can approach and feel the texture of the seeds in your hands, learn to identify them by their shape, their volume, and their colors.



Once the workshop is started, the instructor will tell you stories and legends about the history of chocolate. You will feel that you travel in time and at the same time you will start to value even more the products made with old techniques.



You are going to make chocolate with your own hands and be part of the complete process that involves creating Mexican chocolate. Listen very carefully to the instructor, who will guide you step by step through this sensory journey that will leave you speechless.



In the end, you will taste with great pride the chocolate made by yourself. Enjoy its exquisite flavor and take home a 100% Mexican recipe.




The Chocolate Workshop is included in your general admission to the park. It’s not necessary to pay anything extra to take it. Extra tip: arrive with spare time to each module, as this is our most popular workshop.




Chocolate Workshop in Xcaret: a delight for the senses



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