No matter how many times you’ve been to a place, you’ll always discover something new that will surprise you. For me, Xel-Há is one of those places that I never get tired of visiting. Whether I go with my family or friends, their activities always let us to enjoy an incredible day in the Riviera Maya.

Power Xnorkel

Ever since the pandemic started, I couldn’t stop dreaming of a relaxing getaway to Xel-Há. After a long time of confinement, I found out about a new activity that made me go to the park even more: This activity is called Power Xnorkel.

Power Xnorkel lets you to explore the underwater world of Xel-Há Inlet differently. In this activity, you can snorkel while being in control of a small jet using three different speeds with which you can enjoy the inlet either from the surface, or dive to explore it to a maximum depth of two meters.

On the day of our visit, we arrived at the park very early, and right after a light but delicious breakfast, we headed to the area of the inlet where Power Xnorkel is located.

I was in a group of three people, and our reservation started at 10:30 a.m. For this activity, you must make your reservation before the day of your visit to the park as the schedule is subject to availability and the staff won’t be able to open a new one. Visit Xel-Há’s official website to find out about the offered schedules and book the one you prefer for Power Xnorkel.

When we got there, we were greeted by the instructors, who, with lots of patience and attention to detail, explained the activity.

Power Xnorkel

I’m a huge fan of adrenaline activities, and I was excited about this one, but I won’t deny that when we got there, I got a little nervous because it was an activity that I had never tried before.

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At the beginning of our schedule, the instructors explained how the equipment worked and told us about the security measures that had to be followed. Among these, we were told that we had to hold the jet and keep our belts tight on the right side of our bodies at all times. This is because, if necessary, you can pull the cord out of the device, and a float will come out of it.

I was wondering if the clothes I was wearing were suitable for the activity, and to my great relief, they told me that they were. It’s not necessary to wear a vest, wet shoes, or anything like that. Right there, you are given a visor, so you can enjoy the inlet in high definition. That and your swimsuit should be more than enough! Just make sure to wear one that fits you perfectly.

At that moment, I began to relax, and again the excitement of starting the activity appeared. We finished listening to all the directions and finally, we were able to enter the inlet where our instructor, Luis, told us more about how to drive the jet and how many speeds it had.

While we were practicing, I realized that operating the jet was very easy. Its buttons are super easy to use, and once you understand how to move your body to get the jet to go in the direction you want, the rest is a piece of cake.

Luis organized some surface races for us, and it was very entertaining, but diving with the jet was incredible. This required more speed and impulse, so I felt a bit nervous, but once I was underneath, my fear disappeared, and I was flooded with excitement. Being there, you feel like a fish underwater, and during your free time, you can explore the underwater world of the inlet in a completely different and fun way.

Although we had had a couple of rainy days before, luckily for us, that morning was super sunny and the water was completely clear, so we were able to enjoy even more the beauty of the underwater world in Xel-Há.

In total, the activity lasts 50 minutes that are well distributed so that you have time for induction and practice while still having plenty of time to enjoy free Power Xnorkeling in the inlet.

Our instructor let us know when we were closing in to the end of our schedule, which gave us enough time to try the fun trick under the water that Luis, our guide, had taught us. We also had time to take some pictures, and record a few videos to make sure we never forget about how fun it was to practice Power Xnorkel.

Power Xnorkel

Power Xnorkel became one of my favorite activities Xel-Há and I can’t wait to go back and repeat the experience of snorkeling underwater at full speed.

Power Xnorkel

Have you practiced Power Xnorkel in Xel-Há?

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