Kid-Friendly Adventures at Xenses

November 16, 2023

Activities, Tips, and Safety Measures for Families Visiting Xenses with Children

We all look forward to vacation time to interact, enjoy, have fun differently, and live days out of the ordinary. What better way to do it than with your family at one of the most fun Parks of Xcaret: Xenses.

Its unusual activities make this Park one of the favorites for children and adults alike. So, if you have children between the ages of 5 and 13 in your family, this information will fascinate you.



Stay so I can tell you tips for traveling with children to Xenses Park.

What is Xenses?

Xenses Park is located in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, in Playa del Carmen, a few minutes from the Xcaret Hotels.

It stands out for its uniqueness; no other activities exist in the entire destination that share this style. Its fun concept will test your senses and mind, making you lose the perception of reality, surprising you, and giving you lots of laughs and smiles.

Xenses is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, and is a park you can enjoy in half a day. It is ideal if you want to visit several places in one day. For example, you can go to the beach in the morning and Xenses in the afternoon.

Within the Park, we organize activities into two routes: The Path of Doing and the Path of Feeling. Each route offers distinct experiences that make it easy to let your imagination soar. Each one provides different experiences where letting your imagination fly is very easy.

What do you do on the Path of Doing at Xenses?

A pathway guaranteed to bring joy to the youngest members of the family. Whether it's testing equilibrium in The Town, engaging in perspective play, unwinding and enjoying the mud river and salt river, taking a plunge down the slide, or relishing the thrill of soaring through the air on the Bird Flight zip line—every moment promises excitement.



What do you do on the Path of Feeling at Xenses?

This itinerary is full of surprises, and I strongly advise directing your children to embrace the entire encounter fully. You must actively engage in these activities to narrate the incredible experiences gained from the journey of dwarfs and giants.

Moreover, the rewards of venturing through the Xensatorium, the Park's most demanding and impressive sensory experience, are invaluable.



Now, I will give you all the details you need to know to visit if you go with children.

What does the entrance to Xenses include?

Admission to Xenses includes all activities and attractions for your visit. I recommend bringing a towel and extra money since food, drink services, and photography are not included.

Is there a special price for children at Xenses?

-Children under five years of age enter for free. 

-Children from 5 to 11 years old have a 25% discount on the adult price. 

-Presenting valid official identification at the Park's ticket booths is essential. 

-Children under 12 but taller than 1.40 m must present identification to verify their age.

-Buying your ticket (with or without transportation) 7 to 20 days in advance gives you a 10% discount.

-If you buy 21 or more days in advance, you get a 15% discount.

At what age are children allowed entry to Xenses Park?

At Xenses, everyone is welcome, but the minimum age to do the activities is five years old so that they can enjoy the Park. They must also meet the height and weight guidelines required for each activity.


What can you do at Xenses with babies?

We have stroller rentals for those accompanied by babies or small children. If this is your case, you will indeed have to wait for the rest of the family to do the activities and For that moment, I recommend doing it in the Xnack (restaurant), Respiro (rest area in hammocks), or Rehilete (the entrance, souvenir store, and perspective photo area of the Park).

Does Xenses have a designated space for children?

Within the Park, there isn't a specific area dedicated to children. The activities they participate in will mirror those of their parents. Therefore, adherence to the specified guidelines and constant adult supervision are crucial.


How long does it take to do the activities at Xenses?

Xenses is a half-day park.

If your entry is without transportation, you can enter from 8:30 am until 2:00 pm, as the tour lasts approximately five hours. You can leave at the time you wish.

If your entry includes transportation, you can enter at 8:30 am or 10:00 am, and the exit is between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. In the afternoon, the entrance is from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, and the exit is between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

The activities we highly recommend for children

For those accompanied by children under five years of age or shorter than 1.10 m in height, these are the activities they can perform:

The Heartbeat

The Heartbeat is a giant tunnel with a heart at the end where you can run, jump, play, and have fun family time. It is one of the favorite spots of all visitors to take away a great memory. Put your best poses and take creative photos at our Xelfie point or with your camera.


The Town

This place is the most popular activity in Xenses. It has a very Mexican style, with music, colors, and its new attraction of a live band on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from noon.

I assure you that you will laugh a lot since you will not know if you are going up or down; playing with your mind and balance is their specialty. So walk, pose, and visit the houses you can access; you will be surprised.

It is a path that you can travel freely without schedules, guides, or special equipment. You can spend all the time you want exploring every corner of the Town.




The Respiro is an area designated for resting, with hammocks placed under palm trees and a sandy floor. You can find spaces in the shade and the sun if you prefer to enjoy the warm Caribbean climate.

In this place, you can relax and enjoy the sound of peace and tranquility after a stimulating tour. You will also have the opportunity to feel the softness of the sand on your feet. We recommend using a cap and sunglasses so that you feel even more comfortable.



It is a tunnel with colored lights and water jets from all directions. It is at the end of the mud and salt rivers, but you can also take an alternative path if you come with children under five. Walking through it is very fun and refreshing!


Way of Dwarfs and Giants

You can only notice this chair if you know what it is, but once you pay attention, you will see it presents an exciting perspective game. Take the opportunity to take some creative photos and test your imagination.

They can play to make fun poses with the little ones so that they have a very entertaining time and take away a great memory.

Yellow Chair

This corridor will delight the family's children since you can be whatever you want to be here. The perspective of both corridors will allow you to be a dwarf or a giant. You decide!

Xitric Garden

At first glance, this space looks like a garden with lemon trees and frog chairs, but this tour has a big surprise that will surely delight them: being able to drink lemonade directly from a tree!

It is one of the most exciting and delicious experiences within Xenses, something you will never forget.


The Eden

As its name suggests, Eden is a natural paradise that your eyes and ears will greatly appreciate. The waterfalls, macaws, and flamingos are a true delight. Your children will be thrilled posing next to these beautiful birds. It's an area where swimming or entering the water is prohibited, but you can appreciate its beauty up close.




From this point, you will depart to the two routes of activities, and here is where the fantastic scenarios begin. Inside the Rehilete is a tunnel of colors and a mirror maze; you will also find a Xenote where you cannot get wet, a Vortex that takes you to the lockers, and our favorite part: the music and lights in Turrell.


Regarding clothing, for water activities such as the slide, mud river, salt river, and rain, you should wear:

· Swimsuit

· Rash (water shirt)

· Wetshoes (special water shoes)

Knowing how to swim to participate in these activities is essential since we do not have life jackets to ensure proper sliding.

Also, we recommend bringing a towel and a change of dry clothes. In the Park, you will find lockers, showers, toilets, and areas to change.






For the Xensatorium:

This activity involves walking through a cave in complete darkness, where you can feel and listen to different ecosystems perfectly set up.

An adult may accompany children if they prefer, as they will not see anything in this activity. They will have to be guided by the rest of their senses. It's a complete sensory experience.

Safety recommendations at Xenses:

Before doing each activity, it is essential to listen to the instructions and follow all the safety measures indicated by the staff.

If you suffer from heart problems, epilepsy, asthma, claustrophobia, hypertension, or diabetes, please refrain from doing the activities.

Parents must always accompany children and refer to the weight and height guidelines for certain activities, such as bird flight. In addition to meeting the minimum height requirement, the harness must be correctly adjusted to the body.


Food inside Xenses Park

Food and drinks are not included, so it is essential to bring extra money to enjoy the fun and delicious menu at Xnack.

Xnack is the restaurant/store at Xenses, with super fun scenarios where children will have a lot of fun eating inside an air-conditioned bus and refreshing themselves in the extraordinary fountain.


You will also find snacks, refreshing and energizing drinks, and some souvenirs you can purchase. Taste is also essential, so they have vegetarian options as part of the snacks.

Photo packages at Xenses

One of my favorite parts of visiting this fun Park in the Riviera Maya is the photographs. Xenses excels at allowing your imagination to soar, providing you with the best angles through fun perspectives, optical illusions, and fantastic scenarios; this ensures you capture your memories in photographs you can take home.

Your photo package includes all the photos you take of all the family members or friends you chose at the time of your purchase.


Throughout the tour, you will find automatic Xelfie points, where you must scan your bracelet and strike the most original and fun pose you can imagine. It does not mean you can't bring your cell phone or a small camera to take pictures, but due to the Park's perspective, some photos will only look as they should at the Xelfie points.

Take a fun souvenir from the "Obsequiario".

The souvenir shop at Xenses is named Obsequiario and is in the middle of Pinwheel. There are many unique souvenirs to remember your visit: games for adults and children, t-shirts, keychains, pens, and many items with exceptional touch.


Now you know where to take your children for an unforgettable vacation!

Take note and start planning your trip.

Me encanta vivir nuevas experiencias y aprender de los constantes cambios de la vida. Amante de las nubes, los árboles, los animales y el fútbol. Creo que siempre hay algo bueno en cada día.


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