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We love to travel, with our family, our partner or even by ourselves. But nothing compares to the adventure of traveling with your best friend; we understand each other better than anyone, we have similar tastes, we are definitely not afraid of telling each other the truth, and we are always willing to live new experiences. Take note, we are about to share with you seven amazing travel bucket list ideas.



Southern Patagonia, Chile 

Located at the end of the world (literally). This extraordinary land between Argentina and Chile is just perfect for nature lovers, just imagine a place that has remained intact for hundreds of years. Southern Patagonia is full of natural landscapes that look like they’ve been taken out of fairy tales.


Photo by: Terres

Torres del Paine is one of the main attractions of this destination, here you will get the chance to admire ancient glaciers, beautiful turquoise lakes and walk between magical valleys and hills. There are also many activities like horse rides, climbing, kayaks, trekking and bicycle tours.



Photo by: Awanderingphoto


New York, United States 

A must destination in every best friend’s travel bucket list. This fascinating city has hundreds of activities and things to offer like delicious fast food or super fancy restaurants, rooftop or underground bars, the best theaters with the top plays and a lot of interesting museums like the Museum of Modern Art 


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The city that never sleeps always has the perfect plan for any kind of friends; those who love to shop, those who love to party, those who love to eat, and those who love to discover local art. The truth is that you could never see everything New York City has to offer, but making a list of the things you don’t want to miss is a really good start. 


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Tulum, Mexico

A paradise on Earth. You will get lost in its enchanted turquoise beaches, its tropical palm trees and its delicious Caribbean food. Tulum is THE place to disconnect from the rest of the world: to spend the rest of your vacations in flip-flops and swimsuit at the beach.


Photo by: Peter Adams

In this paradise, you may also practice water activities like paddle board, kite surf, kayaking or snorkel, as well as enjoying the quiet nightlife in the city center, while enjoying a delicious mezcal or a craft beer.


Photo by: Mexplora


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Barcelona, Spain 

Get ready to enjoy the best of both worlds; in the morning you will have tons of museums and art galleries to visit and in the night the Gothic Quarter: the perfect place to drink beer and try their famous patatas bravas in one of it many restaurants with terraces.


Photo by: abilolando

You can’t leave Barcelona without having a glass of red wine and toasting for not only having visited museums and typical places of the city but for having met the genuine corners of Barcelona at night.


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Machu Picchu, Peru

Visiting this Treasure of Humanity should be in every adventure traveler bucket list; it’s a place full of magic and mysticism, a place where you will walk among mountains and hills until reaching the Inca city and admire the majestic landscape from Puerta del Sol.


Photo by: Beto Santillán

And in the night, the party is in the Titicaca Lake, a place where you will enjoy an exotic dinner while toasting with a delicious pisco sour.


Photo by: Brenna Holeman

Berlin, Germany 

This vibrant European destination is simply one the best for those who love to party and make new friends from all over the world. If you and your bestie love nightlife, Berlin it’s a perfect choice, here you will find all kinds of clubs: from those with punk music, hip-hop, the classics, or even a private karaoke for singing all night.


Photo by: Bing

There is always something to do in Berlin: getting lost in an outdoor art gallery,  go vintage shopping in Maurpark, and of course tasting an authentic german beer with a delicious currywurst, an exquisite german sausage with curry and tomato sauce, simply delicious!


Photo by: Resident Advisor Ltd

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Famous for being the largest salt desert in the world, and one of the main attractions of Bolivia, and one of the unique places on the planet. Here you’ll admire a magical natural scenery, where the colors of the horizon fade and you can watch the clouds reflected on the floor: just like a mirror.


Photo by: luiza_st

A perfect destination if you love photography and natural exotic places, you can also make a visit to the nearby villages where you will find a market full of delicious food and crafts made of salt.



Photo by: Bamba Experience

Whether is a short trip, or a long one, remember that there is no better companion than your best friend. So go pack your bag, and decide where will your next adventure be.

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