Activities in Xplor Riviera Maya

An unforgettable adventure

Xplor Park is one of adventure travel lovers favorites at Riviera Maya due to the different activities it offers, with which air and ground fun are guaranteed!

In Xplor Fuego you can live these experiences but at night, surrounded by fire torches, fireflies, and stars that illuminate the caves, roads, and bridges.

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1.- Zip lines

Fly over the forest with the highest and safest zip lines in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and enjoy the incredible scenery of the Mexican Caribbean. Feel the adrenaline of sliding at 19 MPH to end up water-landing in refreshing cenotes.

2.- Amphibious Vehicles

Aboard amphibious vehicles you will cross two circuits through jungle trails, crossing suspension bridges and driving under the surface within mysterious caverns and grottoes.

3.- Rafts

An adventure paddling with your own hands on a raft, going through two circuits along underground rivers in spectacular caves and grottos. You will be surrounded by rock formations such as stalactites and stalagmites, whose existence has required millions of years to reach its current state.

4.- Stalactite River Swim

Explore the ancient paths that water has formed beneath the earth. Feel the thrill of discovering these amazing formations, the vagaries of nature, which have been designed dropwise with the formidable patience of our living planet.

5.- Caverns Walks

Discover ancient landscapes along your walk. You will connect with nature and be transported to the Age of Cavemen.

6.- Hammock Splash

An ideal experience if it’s the first time you live this adventure. Get on a comfortable hammock-shaped zip line and slide on a cenote to end in a fun splash.

And so, venture to watch the sunset from the heights, dare to go deep in the darkness of the jungle and immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of an underground river. Notice how the mystery of nature reveals an astonishing scenario worthy of a true explorer.

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