Xcaret’s best attractions for kids 

 Making memories in paradise

We know that taking the whole family to a vacation can be a little challenging, especially because we want each and every one to have a great time, even more if we are heading to a beach destination, where we might think that there is not much for our kids to enjoy. That’s not the case of the Riviera Maya, especially if you are visiting the Eco Park Xcaret: There are tons of things that will amaze your kids in this Park, and here is a list of 10 activities that will prove it.



Watching sea turtles

See how your kids’ faces glow with happiness while they are close to these beautiful creatures in a safe environment. In Xcaret, your kids will learn the importance of taking care of this ancient species by reading and listening to fun facts about them around the Park.  And the best thing is that they get to see them closely!




Watching men flying 

The ritual ceremony of the “Voladores” will definitely leave them astonished and feel like they are watching real life superheroes since the flyers will climb to the top of a pole 98 feet high aand then they will launch themselves to descend from the sky. It is an amazing performance they cannot miss!




Holding a colorful macaw

We are sure this will be one of the things that they will remember the most about their visit: playing with our friendly macaws by holding them, petting them, and feeding them.




Eating tons of delicious food 

From fresh drinks in a cool jaguar cup, to all kinds of delicious desserts they can find at the buffet. In Xcaret, your kids will fall in love with the food, it’s color and it’s shapes!




The life of the aquarium 

A unique aquarium where your kids will spend hours admiring the biodiversity of the Caribbean. The Coral Reef Aquarium has more than 5,000 marine organisms, including over 500 coral reef structures, sponge larvae, corals, jellyfish, and mollusks.



The colors of the sea

One of our favorite things to do on vacation is to lay down in a beach chair and just relax, but hey! Who said that kids don’t like to relax too? and what a better way to do it than contemplating the turquoise colors of the Caribbean sea.



Watching the butterflies life cycle

The Butterfly Pavilion in Xcaret is one of the largest in the world, here your kids will explore the territory of more than 20 different species of butterflies and will also witness one of the greatest spectacles of nature: watching their miraculous transformation.




Dancing with the Chinelos at the Parade

Everyday at 17:00 starts the “Desfile de los Pueblos“, a colorful traditional parade with live music, dances, and amazing customs. The group of the Chinelos is incredible fun to dance along with, and they usually have paper masks for the kids to wear.




Watching the horses 

In the Hacienda Henequenera (close to the Park’s entrance), you will meet our gentle friends: the horses, you will also going to find them in several spots in the Park like the equestrian show, Xcaret México Espectacular and in the stable, where kids love to hang out and watch them closely.




Enjoying a unique view of paradise 

And to finish a perfect day, your kids will love the panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea from the rotating scenic tower at 262 feet high located just a few steps from the Gran Tlachco Theater.




Did you imagine your kids could do so many activities in Xcaret? Share with us which one do you think will be their favorite.


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