10 people who became adventurous after their 40’s

November 06, 2019

Age is just a number

An adventurous person is not just someone who takes their bags to travel the world. An adventurous person is someone who decides to step out of their comfort zone and live something different even if it’s scary. An adventurous person is someone who enjoys doing new and different things.  

There is no age limit to be adventurous, you just need to have a desire to accomplish what you wish for.  

There are some people that show us that it is never too late to follow our dreams. I would like to share with you 10 people who became adventurous after their 40’s. People who quitted their jobs or home and decided to follow their passion and every day, through their experiences, inspire us.  

1.-Paco Nadal 

Paco Nadal is a journalist, photographer, writer and documentary director. He has traveled to many countries and he is always looking for his next destination. 

Paco Nadal 

2.- Abuelita Mochilera 

“I’m just a few years old, maybe four, six or ten, because my 83 years are already gone. I’m only in possession of the years I have left to live, and I have to make the most of them and enjoy”. At 83, Kandy travels around six times a year.  

Abuelita Mochilera 

3.- Neal Unger  

At 60 years old, Neal took on skating a couple years ago. He shares his abilities with his YouTube followers.  

Neal Unger

4.- Tips de Viajero 

Verónica Marmolejo has been sharing her trips and traveling recommendations through her blog and videos: “Tips de Viajero”.

Tips de Viajero 

5.- Jorge Bustos and Gladys Gómez 

Jorge Bustos and Gladys Gómez are a senior couple from Argentina who traveled on their RV for six months finishing their trip in Alaska. 

Jorge Bustos and Gladys Gómez 

6.- Life part 2 

They decided to pursue their passion for traveling, left their work and started to travel around the world by themselves, until 2011 when they met in Shanghái. There, they shared their passion for traveling and decided to keep doing it together. Now, they share their tips and experiences to other retired travelers like them.  

Life part 2 

7.- My itchy travel feet  

This team of enthusiastic travelers share their experience on “luxurious” traveling to their favorite audience, baby boomers.  

My itchy travel feet  

8.- Travel past 50  

Kris and Tom share their professional experience as writers and photographers through their content directed to people over fifty years of age. Two people who became adventurous after their 40’s and are very happy.

Travel past 50  

9.- Wandering Rose Travels  

Martin and Libby Rose, love sharing their experience and passion for traveling to their baby boomer audience. Along with their team, they share the best recommendations to help other travelers plan their next trip.   

Wandering Rose Travels  

10.- Luis Álvarez “The Iron Man”  

At fifty-seven, Luis Álvarez has participated in over 132 Ironman competitions and has reached the top of the seven tallest mountains in the world. Also, Luis is the founder of the Mexican Triathletes Association.  

Luis Álvarez “The Iron Man”  

For those who believe that the adventure is just for those who can travel around the world without working or that one must be young, it is never too late! As long as our bodies can keep up the pace with our hearts, we can still enjoy life and its joys. I believe that with age comes a lot of experience and knowledge. We become wiser and learn to enjoy every detail that life gives us.  

Inspired by these adventurous people, I just hope to keep the same passion and energy that keeps me going on this adventure called life for the years to come.  

Do you know other people who became adventurous after their 40’s?

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