A walk through the best flavors of La Casona de Valladolid

April 26, 2018

Make your visit a

delicious experience

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.'

George Bernard Shaw

While you’re visiting Mexico, you have to try our food. It has a good reason to be famous all around the globe, trust me. We can satisfy almost everyone with a lot of incredible flavors, but if some state needs a special mention, it has to be Yucatan.

If I, as a Mexican, should have to pick only one of Mexico’s flavors, it would be the whole Yucatan cuisine. I bet you’ve never tried something like this mix of sweet and sour flavors with chicken, pork, and beef, but especially pork with the rarely common taste of achiote, which chefs, moms, and every Yucatecan use and love.

At La Casona de Valladolid you’ll be able to taste the greatest flavors of Yucatan’s cuisine, so here you have a guide for an unbelievable and tasty journey.

1.- Entrance

Longaniza de Valladolid (Pork sausage)

It’s like any other pork sausage, but way, way better. Artisans of Valladolid prepare it since the nineteenth century so, preparing it and eating it is a whole tradition.

The ingredients of this traditional dish are pork meat, chili, vinegar, garlic, spices, and, of course, love. It has a particular vinegar flavor but is smooth enough to enjoy it, the same goes with its spicy flavor. The Longaniza de Valladolid has a particular and strong flavor compared with other sausages though and maybe you’ve never tried something similar.

2.- Soup

Sopa de Lima (Lime soup)

Its primary flavor isn’t lime, but it has a relevant place in this soup. Imagine a chicken soup with a citric, refreshing, and explosive taste: That’s what the lime soup is about. It’s often accompanied with crunchy tortilla strips for further texture and is a perfect opener for a traditional yucatecan meal. 

Frijol con Puerco (Pork with beans)

A classic meal in Yucatán. The locals use to eat pork with beans on Mondays as the main meal, but you can try to eat every day of the week. Even though this is not soup, you can’t miss it, so give it a try and prepare because the best is yet to come.

The Frijol con Puerco is made of black beans soup with pork meat cubes, onions, and tomatoes, you can also eat it with radish, coriander, lemon, and, of course, habanero chili. Its flavor is the combination of beans with spices and tasty pork meat, all boiled for hours to concentrate the flavor into a thick, savory broth you will surely remember.

3.- It is time for the best.

Platón Yucateco

You can order each of these dishes by themselves, but this Platón Yucateco has everything you need to taste the best flavors of Yucatan cuisine because it is a mix of typical and the most famous dishes of it. It includes deep-fried quesadillas stuffed with cheese, salbutes (thick fried tortillas with chicken, turkey or pork meat, lettuce, avocado, tomato, and cured purple onion), and panuchos, quite similar to the salbutes, but stuffed with refried black beans for extra Yucatecan awesomeness.


Panuchos are like Yucatecan’s tacos. They are fried soft tortilla stuffed with black refried beans. At the top of it, cochinita, cured purple onion slices, lettuce, and avocado. A tasty mix of fried food with the unique sour and salty flavor of cochinita pibil perfectly seasoned with the purple onion.

Cochinita Pibil

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The star of the Yucatan’s flavor. Cochinita Pibil is like pulled pork but better. Trust me. It has a mix of incredible flavors as achiote, vinegar and a little bit of magic. You have to try it with purple onion and some habanero peppers, but be careful because it is the spiciest peppers or “chiles' of Mexico. This plate is traditionally prepared in a pit, where the meat with seasonings is wrapped in banana leaves and slowly baked in this underground oven, heated with heated stones placed atop. After that, the banana leaves pack is dug out and served for your enjoyment.  

Lomitos de Valladolid

Pork meat cubes, tomatoes, chili, egg. Those are the ingredients of this amazing and very popular Yucatecan dish. Lomitos of Valladolid, which is really simple to prepare, but very popular among the whole state. 

Pescado en Tikin Xic (Fish in Tikin Xic)

Achiote and orange juice among other ingredients give a unique taste to this fish that mixes the traditional flavors of Yucatecan cuisine such as sweet orange and sour achiote. It is also prepared “baked' within banana leaves, either in a dugout pit or an oven.

Queso Relleno (Stuffed cheese)

It’s considered the top of the Yucatan’s cuisine. A big piece of gouda cheese is stuffed with mincemeat and other ingredients to create a fantastic flavor. You’ve never tasted anything like this, melted cheese inside of more cheese, I mean, delicious cheese stuffed with more delicious melted cheese. Will you miss this? I don’t think so. 

4.- And now, for a spectacular closure:

Cheese ball cake

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A delicious three milk cake with an exquisite touch of ball cheese which have a particular (and delicious) bitter taste. This is amazing. It is, by far, the best way to close your visit to La Casona de Valladolid.  

With this guide, you will see precisely what to taste at La Casona de Valladolid. Is essential to let you know that not all of these dishes are available in the buffet, but you can order any of them with your waiter.

Dare to try new flavors and have a fantastic experience at La Casona de Valladolid.

Toma fotos, escribe y ve futbol. Apasionado de la sostenibilidad y fanático de que la vida lo sorprenda.


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