Directly from “El Troglodita” restaurant

DIY delicious food creations

Picture the next scenario: you are on vacation, woke up very early to catch a tour that includes tons of adrenaline, Zip-Line flying, driving ATV’s and swimming Underground Rivers. All those activities sound great but obviously require a lot of energy. After all that, you will have a dinosaur-sized appetite!

For your luck, besides being adventure lovers, we also love food as much as you do. While you wandering around Xplor Park let your hunger and your sense of smell guide you to the buffet restaurant called “El Troglodita”. Here you will find delicious options to feed your caveman tribe and there’s enough food if you want to come with carnivore or herbivore dinosaurs.

As I said before, the options are plenty (and the hunger is enormous). Before you go nuts at the jungle here are a big, delicious and original dishes made by the chefs at Xplor.

Super Salad

If you are the fitness kinda Xplorer, you might prefer something light to keep the diet. Check out this salad. Go to the bar salad at the buffet and choose some sliced cucumbers, a base of lettuce and spinach. Add some vitamin A and C with a couple of tomatoes. The energy comes with the nuts and sweet corns. If you are a carnivore dinosaur got the grilled bar and add some chicken fajitas.


Pasta is a high carbohydrate food and gives you the energy to do all the activities at the Park. This dish combines the taste of an Italian pasta with the flavors of the sea. To prepare a good pasta you will require your imagination and walk all the buffet to choose the best ingredients. We chose linguini and then mix it up with a seafood salad with octopus and oysters. Another option is to mix it with cheese, meat or chicken. Pasta is art! You can prepare small portions of different styles.


Very important question: Who doesn’t love burgers? Another question: Who doesn’t love Xplor burgers? So we couldn’t stay behind with our own creation. This delicious monster is a combination of grilled beef and pork chops. Don’t forget the double cheese. The classic tomato, onion, and pickles. Add catsup and mustard if you like and if you are brave enough put some chili peppers. Fries or potato wedges are the best friends of every hamburger in the world.

Mega Hot Dog

This is another classic transformed with the Xplor style, this hot dog has an extra touch of wilderness and craziness. ¿What makes this hot dog mega? Here is the way to prepare it: hot dog bread, American cheese, lettuce, grilled sausages, tomato, onions, pickles, and jalapeños. Complements are a thing of matter in the Mega Hot Dog. Choose some corn, asparagus, spring onions and potato wedges.

Endless sweet dish

We finally get to the dessert! It is important to plan your meal and leave extra room for this tiny dessert. In Xplor we love mixing flavors and ingredients. For an endless sweet dish, you have to start putting a solid brownie base. Continue adding some mini pies and cakes. The next step is ice-cream and a crème caramel on the top. Don’t forget to decorate it with fruits like kiwi or strawberries.

If you are still hungry take a look at the reasons to visit Xplor Fuego.

As we say in Mexico “Barriga llena, corazón contento” which means “full belly, happy heart”. Hunger can put us in an angry caveman mood. But now you know that if you visit us you will have an open buffet at your service with the best quality and the freshest ingredients. Just like an Xplorer deserves.

Share with us which of these would you like to try, or how would be your own creation at El Troglodita buffet.