New Year’s Eve

Best parties around the world

After spending time with family during Thanksgiving and Christmas, you may feel like it’s time for an amazing party! So it’s time for New Year’s eve, the perfect excuse to enjoy yourself, leave all in the past, and start the year feeling full of good vibes. But you may be wondering what to do? Where to go?

Look no further. Pack your bags and get ready, an incredible celebration is waiting for you in of the next 10 best New Year’s Eve parties around the world.


1.- Sydney, Australia

One of the first places in the world to receive the new year, but most important, one of the best places to enjoy a fireworks show. Actually, they have two shows, one at 9 pm and another at midnight, in which millions of people gather around Sydney’s Harbour Bridge to watch. Their celebration is so famous that it is live streamed worldwide!




2.- New York City, U.S

If something is recognized about New York City is that they think big. So there’s no wonder why their New Year’s Eve party is so incredible. Surrounded by city lights and billboards, join thousands of people in Times Square for the “Ball Drop” and scream 10! 9! 8! …




3.- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Now if you are the type of person that likes to dance till your feet hurt, then Rio is the place to be at! Live music and an amazing firework display await at the famous Copacabana Beach. Also, did you know that this date marks the official beginning of their summer holidays?




4.- London, England

Feeling classy? Receive the new year with style at London’s Tower Bridge, London’s Eye or next to de Big Ben, watch fireworks at midnight and then on January 1st rejoice with their New Year’s Day Parade!




5.- Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Do you like warmer weathers, clubs, and crowds? Then Playa del Carmen is where you should go. Thousands of people party along the popular 12th street, surrounded by clubs with pounding music! Oh and don’t forget, the beach is just a few steps away, so get ready to see the sunrise over the ocean!




6.- Paris, France

For those in love with food, there’s Paris. Celebrate dining foie gras, cheese and champagne at a fancy restaurant, then head to the Eiffel Tower and embrace the city of lights. The holiday ends on January 6th with la galette des rois, a delicious pastry cake.




7.- Bangkok, Thailand

A massive gathering, spectacular light show, live concert, fireworks and video screens await at Central World Square in Bangkok! The place to be if you enjoy to party all night long.




8.- Vienna, Austria

At midnight, Austrian radio stations broadcast the sound of the bell of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, followed by music. Crowds everywhere join in the streets and they dance to a series of stages spread around the city with bands and orchestras. Fireworks are the cherry on the cake!




9.- Hong Kong, China

If you like to celebrate New York style, then you may want to go to Hong Kong, they even have a mall named Times Square where they also do the “Ball Drop”. Walk along Victoria Harbour and rejoice with a Firework and LED display!




10.- Edinburgh, Scotland

It seems like we all love fireworks on New Year’s Eve, but in Edinburgh they really go all the way. This is one of the most iconic celebrations of the world. Hogmanay is an actual New Year’s festival that lasts for five days! They have live concerts, parties, food and lots, lots of fireworks!




What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Have you been to any of these places to welcome a new year? Tell us all about it!