Let The Competition Begin

while having a drink, or two, or three, or four…

You can feel the weekend around the corner, it’s almost Friday and your party mood is increasing. Free from work duties you finally catch up with your friends, it’s time to have a blast.

So if your whole squad happens to be reunited at a house wanting to have some hilarious time without hitting the same bar again, here are some great ideas to have a whole night of fun playing the best drinking games.

Beer Pong

This game is definitely a classic. If you don’t know how to play it, the rules are pretty simple. Make two teams with your friends and divide two sets of cups making a triangle with each at the edge of a ping pong (you can use any other table that’s long enough to make the game challenging). Fill a quarter of each cup with beer or any other drink and try to get the ping pong ball inside the opponent team cups so they will have to drink them. 

Gif by Rebel Studios

Gif by Rebel Studios

Never Have I Ever

Take turns to make a sentence using the words “Never have I ever” plus any action or situation. For example: Never have I ever drank tequila. So all of your friends who have ever had tequila will have to have a sip of their drink instead of answering your question. Look for fun or embarrassing situations to spice up this game.

Mean Girls

Gif by Paramount Pictures

The King’s Cup

Assign an action or rule to each card in a deck. Then each of you takes a card by turns and play this funny game to see who is the real king of this party. Here are some examples:  

Ace: Everybody drinks

Jokers: Only boys drink

Queens: Only girls drink

Kings: Special shot (make a shot with random ingredients)

From number 2 to 5: Share out this number of drinks to the players, etc..

Remember, you can get very creative with the value of each card.

Gif by HBO

Gif by HBO

Slap shots

This one is also played with cards, but it’s better if you have two or three decks. Shuffle the decks and give everyone a bunch of cards. Take turns to start counting in the order of the deck (starting at ace, two, three, etc.) while placing a card in the middle of the table. If the card happens to be the same as the number you were counting, quickly slap your hand above it. The last one to react takes a shot. Increase the difficulty by trying to count backwards or by counting in the mind. The first person without any cards will be the winner.

It's always funny in Philadelphia

Gif by FX

Sombrero T. V.

It is time to choose your favorite T. V. show and enjoy it in a different way. It’s pretty simple, you just have to draw a Mexican sombrero and attach it to the screen of the T. V. Every time the sombrero lines up to the characters of the show, you must drink. You can also put a mustache.

Gif by United Artists

Gif by United Artists

Remember to use the best remedies and food to deal with your hangover the next day.

Which is your favorite drinking game to play with your friends? Share it with us!