Things to do at Hotel Xcaret Arte at night?

May 20, 2024

Things to do at Hotel Xcaret Arte at night?

Discover the nocturnal enchantment of Xcaret's adults-only hotel.

As night falls, Hotel Xcaret Arte transforms into a vibrant stage where art and entertainment merge to create an incomparable atmosphere. 

In this blog I invite you to discover the multiple artistic, entertainment and gastronomic activities that await you in the nights of Hotel Xcaret Arte.    

Let's start with the experiences you can enjoy during your stay at Hotel Xcaret Arte, which go beyond the hotel's installations with the All Fun Inclusive concept, which gives you the opportunity to live unique moments.

1. Xcaret Mexico Espectacular.     

Every night Xcaret Park takes you to enjoy a tribute to Mexico and its history through a show full of lights and colours with more than 300 artists on stage, this show takes place in the Gran Tlachco Forum at 19: oo hrs. and lasts for two hours, it is certainly something you can not miss, it is very emotional and joyful. 


2. Xplor Fuego.  

If you have a more adventurous spirit, Xplor Fuego is an obligatory stop in your itinerary, here you will enjoy impressive sceneries under the moonlight and fire torches that illuminate its paths, while you slide down the zip lines, explore the underground rivers or drive an amphibious vehicle, you can also have dinner at the Troglodita restaurant, the access to Xplor Fuego is from 17:30 hrs. And until 23:00 hrs. 


3. Xenses Insomnia.     

Xenses Insomnia has recently arrived, here you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in fascinating sensory experiences under the darkness of the night, like sliding down a slide that turns into a whirlwind of neon lights, or flying through the jungle like an owl, awaken your imagination and take the best pictures, here you will find magical spots. 


4. Xoximilco.     

A unique experience to enjoy the Mexican culture and traditions through a tour along the canals of Xoximilco Cancun in a colorful trajinera will make you live a fabulous night. During this trip, you will enjoy music, dancing, singing, games, all while being accompanied by an entertainer who will make sure to keep the festive atmosphere going. Of course, the culinary experience is not to be missed. On board, a tasting dinner is served with emblematic dishes from different states of Mexico, allowing you to savor the richness and variety of Mexican food. 


Remember that it is necessary to book with your concierge the visit to the parks you wish to visit, so that your experience is perfect, he will give you the details about where to board the transportation and the schedules.

Nocturnal activities in the hotel     

Let us now discover the fascinating nocturnal experiences that Hotel Xcaret Arte has to offer.   

Starting with an incomparable pleasure: gastronomy.   

The hotel offers a wide and exquisite range of cuisine in its 10 restaurants, under the direction of world-renowned chefs. These experts masterfully blend the richness of Mexican cuisine with international influences, guaranteeing an unforgettable culinary experience for all tastes. 




Mercado de San Juan: This is where all the typical flavors of Mexico come together.  

Encanta: The proposal of the chef Paco Méndez, his tasting menu will take you on a journey of discovery between Mexico and Barcelona.     

Chino Poblano: A culinary embrace between Puebla and Chinese cuisine, presented by chef Jonatan Gómez Luna.  

Cayuco: combines the passion of Mexican cuisine with Mediterranean flavors.  

Arenal: A proposal that celebrates Mexican gastronomy from north to south. 

Tah-Xido: Contemporary Japanese restaurant run by Chef Luis Arzapalo.   

Kibi-Kibi: An exclusive experience for guests of Casa de los Artistas that combines the authentic flavors of Yucatecan cuisine with the exotic aromas of Lebanese gastronomy.  

Apapachoa: 100% vegan, plant-based restaurant.  

Xaak: Enjoy a tasting menu designed by celebrity chefs Roberto Solis, Paco Mendez, Jonatan Gomez Luna and Alejandro Ruiz; this gastronomic experience will immerse you in the contemporary flavors of Mexico. Please note that this restaurant is not included in the All Fun Inclusive. 

Cantina Vi.Ai.Py: The Oaxacan Cantina of Chef Alejandro Ruiz, where after enjoying a delicious menu, you can dance your best moves with La Xalsera or the DJ until 3:00 in the morning.


It is essential that you check with your concierge for restaurants that require dinner reservations and availability.

Performances at the Foro de la Música.      

This is a place for those who are passionate about art and culture. Here, shows are transformed into unique experiences that will transport you to a world of sensations. You can marvel at the fascinating dancing fountains, lit up to the rhythm of classical music, or enjoy the seductive sounds of the saxophone with Xibalijazz. You can also experience the magic of theatre and dance at its best with the shows "Leyendas Mayas" or "El Pincel de Diego", both of which are presented randomly from 20:00 to 21:00, check the weekly programme with your concierge.   

One of the wonders of this forum is that, as a guest of the Casa de la Música, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your room. Your balconies become privileged boxes with incomparable views. You also have the option of enjoying the shows from the areas outside the Foro de la Música or the Encanta restaurant. In this way, you can enjoy a double pleasure: visual and gastronomic. 



Xcaret Xailing.    

Enjoy the sunset aboard the Xcaret Xailing catamaran and choose between two unforgettable experiences:    

Xunset Party: A vibrant catamaran tour that immerses you in a contemporary musical atmosphere provided by a live DJ. Enjoy a selection of canapés and premium drinks while sailing the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.  

Xunset Lovers: With a reduced passenger capacity, this tour is more intimate and romantic, perfect for couples looking for a special moment at sunset.   Schedule: From 18:00 a 20:30. Xunset Lovers operates on Mondays, while Xunset Party is available on Wednesdays and Fridays.    

For more information and reservations, contact your concierge.   


El Deseo.     

Immerse yourself in the exciting experience of entering a speakeasy. El Deseo is a speakeasy that will take you back to the Prohibition era and make you feel like you are defying the law. Its location is a closely guarded secret, adding an air of intrigue to the experience.   

If you are ready to discover all this place has to offer, you will have to solve the mystery on your next visit, what I can tell you is that delicious taquitos al pastor will be waiting for you on your way out.   

The night at Hotel Xcaret Arte is like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with the touches of adventure and excitement that only you can add. 


It is a magical moment where glimpses of art and entertainment intertwine, creating a unique atmosphere that invites you to immerse yourself in each experience with all your senses. So let the night envelop you in its magic and discover the enchantment that awaits you around every corner.

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