Guide to Enjoy Christmas and New Year at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

November 28, 2023

How is the Christmas season celebrated at Hotel Xcaret Mexico?

December is a highly emotional month for families worldwide; Mexico is no exception. It is a time when the connection with loved ones strengthens, creating a warm atmosphere of solidarity, unity, and love.

In Mexico, in addition to Christmas and New Year, there are celebrations called "Posadas," which anticipate the arrival of Jesus at Christmas.

Posadas, Christmas, and New Year are the most anticipated dates of the year, as they are a complete season of celebrations and joy. Saying goodbye to the year is not taken lightly, and various traditions surround each of these festivities. 


The Christmas spirit permeates every lobby corner, inviting guests to feel part of the season with beautiful lighting and a stunning nativity scene that welcomes them. The red poinsettias immerse us in the excitement of the holiday season, reminding us of the approaching year-end.  


Christmas Posada at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

As anticipated, Hotel Xcaret Mexico hosts a traditional Mexican Christmas Posada. According to tradition, the date is selected at the onset of the Posadas season, occurring between December 16 and 24th.

The Posada takes place on the hill between Hotel Xcaret Arte and Hotel Xcaret Mexico, which lights up like an enormous Christmas tree at night. 


Tip: If you enjoy taking photos and capturing those beautiful moments with the Christmas lights in the background, position yourself on one of the hanging bridges leading to the hill to await the moment they light it up; it looks beautiful, and you can have the perfect photo for a keepsake. 

Christmas Music

In the Mexican Christmas Posada, music plays an essential role, and, as such, we host a Carol Concert. Even the Mariachi accompanies one of the most important traditions:  Pedir posada "Asking for Shelter," following the tradition of Mexican families.  


Throughout the journey on the hill, various artists and string groups play songs from the holiday season, and it all concludes with a live music group, with everyone dancing until the end of the night. 

Mexican Fair Games

Another element of the Christmas Posada is the games set up along the hill's route: marbles, lotteries, etc. So, as families walk, they share, play, and win prizes.

Of course, the famous piñatas are also present so that children and adults can participate in one of the most beautiful traditions of our culture.


Christmas Food

Finally, throughout the journey, you can find food stalls with traditional dishes such as: 

- Pork leg 

- Turkey 

- Salt Cod 

- Fruit punch 

And many other delights that make this celebration a truly memorable night.

Christmas Dinner at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Hotel Xcaret Mexico celebrates Christmas in a slightly different manner. The celebration begins late afternoon with an emotional Carol Concert in the hotel lobby.

Subsequently, different restaurants offer a special Christmas menu. Unique dishes such as salt cod, "manchamantel," pork leg, and lobster, among others, are part of the star dishes of these menus; of course, they vary depending on each restaurant, and at the Mercado de la Merced, you can also find traditional recipes at the buffet stations.

The guest service team will have information about the menus and can assist in booking the restaurant. 

New Year's Eve Party at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

On New Year's Eve, the dynamics are similar regarding the restaurants, with special menus in each one, additional stations in the Mercado de la Merced buffet, and at Las Cuevas. 

We add inspiring phrases to the decorations, saying goodbye to the year and allowing you to take a photo to remember and share with family. In the evening, we also host a Carol Concert, filling us with nostalgia for the end of the year and simultaneously providing inspiration and excitement to welcome a new cycle.


Families enjoy the music attentively and share glances and smiles as the music accompanies the nightfall. 

Later, the New Year's Eve Party begins, where attendees are very happy, ready to bid farewell to the year in the company of their loved ones. You can enjoy signature cocktails, entertainers, and live music.  When the moment comes, the famous New Year's countdown takes place. 

Hugs, tears of joy, smiles, and excitement fill the atmosphere, thanking everyone completely for the arrival of the New Year.

December undoubtedly proves to be a great time to enjoy the hotel and learn about the traditions in Mexico. It is beautiful to see how the Mexican Christmas spirit infects the atmosphere, and the joy with which each activity is carried out makes you feel at home.

Would you consider spending the end of the year away from home?

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