Hotel Xcaret México is unique, and here are the ten reasons why

April 03, 2023

Explore every detail of the first Hotel from Xcaret   

Perfect for nature lovers, Mexican culture enthusiasts, and family-friendly activities     

The Riviera Maya in Mexico is genuinely marvelous; the ancient archeological sites, the turquoise waters, and the white sandy beaches charm in a way that turns into a longing for eternal vacations. 

This travel destination has many natural places, cultures, and traditions, offering a wide range of activities for all the family. 

In the heart of the Riviera Maya is Hotel Xcaret México, located in Playa del Carmen city, Quintana Roo. It's approximately 45 minutes from Cancun International Airport and 45 minutes from Tulum, and near other cultural attractions and tourist places in the area.  


Cancún and its surroundings are famous worldwide for its all-inclusive resorts; there are more than 300 for different budgets and tastes; that's why we want to tell you about what makes Hotel Xcaret Mexico truly a unique hotel.  

1.- All-Fun-Inclusive

The All-Fun-Inclusive is an innovative concept only available in the Xcaret Hotels; it offers a unique experience for all their visitors, regardless of age, allowing you to personalize your trip.   

 The All-Fun-Inclusive covers access to these nine parks of Xcaret:   

Cenotes, zip lines, underwater activities, and incredible Mexican shows are just the top of the list of activities; it will be hard to choose your favorite.  

Aside from all these, inside Hotel Xcaret Mexico, you can enjoy the culinary experience created by the Gastronomic Group, which has brought to life the menus of the 11 restaurants at the Hotel.  

2.- Love for the Mexican culture


Sharing the love for Mexico, its culture, and traditions is part of the essence of Hotel Xcaret Mexico, and this reflects in every space. Once you arrive at the Hotel, you can feel this passion in every corner: the mariachi playing in the lobby or the marimba next to the swimming pool, among other surprises. The food carts where you can taste Mexican antojitos like marquesitas, esquites or even torta de cochinita 


The Mercado de la Merced is a must. It represents the colorful markets of Mexico City, filled with delicious and traditional dishes. And finally, for the complete Mexican mood, you can't miss the entertainment happenings all around the resort, like the pre-Hispanic show, which also reminds us of the beauty of our cultural heritage.  


3. Eco-integrated architecture 

For those who prefer to spend the day in the Hotel, the experience is equally charming, given that the inlets, rivers, and white sandy beaches have magnific views.    

 The eco-integrated architecture, also seen in the other Xcaret Hotels, perfectly balances the natural jungle and the Caribbean Sea. All of these paradisiac and vibrant landscapes are what some visitors look for year after year.  


4.- A handmade resort 

Part of the essence of Mexico is in its natural wonders; taking care of them since the planning stage of a new project is the most important task in Xcaret. We relocated 80% of the trees and plants to other Group properties during its construction, allowing the Hotel to achieve the required Earth Check Certification standards before the opening.    

 As mentioned, the Hotel pays a true homage, handmade to celebrate Mexico's cultural heritage. With the support of the local communities in vulnerable situations, which create decorative elements to decorate the rooms and halls, always a commitment to fair trade and social development. 


5.- The Gastronomic Group 

Mexican culture as we know it wouldn't exist without its food. The guests of Hotel Xcaret Mexico have access to a top-line taste of what Mexican gastronomy has to offer; the Hotel has gathered the talent of some of the best Mexican and foreign chefs, passionate about gourmet food and fresh ingredients.  

Chefs Carlos Gaytán, Alejandro Ruiz, Franco Maddalozzo, Miguel Bautista, Luis Arzápalo, and awarded sommelier Sandra Fernández, combined talent has created our Gastronomic Group, which has brought to life the menus of the 11 restaurants at the Hotel. 

6.- Muluk Spa 

A place where you will find balance with nature in a mystic sanctuary inspired by ancestral wisdom. Muluk Spa offers a holistic journey that allows body and spirit to renovate through relaxing and stimulating the senses in each one of the therapies.  


7.- Five houses inspired by the elements of nature.   

Since every guest is different and looks for unique experiences, Hotel Xcaret Mexico created five "Casas" (houses) designed to consider diverse needs.    

Casa Agua (water) is for people looking to feel better and relaxed during their visit; all the suites have a volcanic stone tub. You can access the Muluk Spa benefits if you book a room here.   


Casa Viento (wind) focuses on creating a safe and fun space for families who travel with children; rooms are closer to the kid's club, and the pool with the octopus's slide is perfect for the little ones who want to play in the water. 


Casa Fuego (fire) is the most exclusive part of the Hotel, an adults-only experience designed to offer a more private and luxurious experience. It features the iconic glass pool on its rooftop.  


Casa Tierra (earth) features spectacular sea views, the best scenery to start a good day.  


Casa Espiral (spiral) is perfect for people traveling with groups, weddings, and conventions; it has easy access to the restaurants and convention center. 


8.- Activities included in the Hotel  

We can add a few more activities if you're still wondering what else Hotel Xcaret Mexico offers.   

The Rivier Theater Show is a must; guests can enjoy a great spectacle with a delicious dinner.  


The inlets, whether on a kayak, paddle, or swimming, take a closer look at the fish that live there. 

Photo by  @aleemorrisonlink

Photo by @aleemorrisonlink

For the more active guests, the Hotel features three gyms, a calisthenic circuit, yoga classes on the beach, and 11 pools 

Finally, it features a kids club called Xiquillos for kids aged 4 to 12, while the family's teens can visit Xipal, offering more fun activities to enjoy during the day. 

Photos by @iroomy14 and @ink_sydneyjaccarya

Photos by @iroomy14 and @ink_sydneyjaccarya

9.- Instagram-worthy photo spots 

The whole experience and every corner of Hotel Xcaret Mexico are unique, but some specific spaces are worth visiting with a camera for a quick photo shoot. If you plan to make time during your stay to create memories like photos and videos, here's a list of the best Instagram spots:  

- Casa Fuego rooftop with the glass pool  

- The hanging bridge towards the beach  

 - Kayak or paddle in the natural inlets  

- Muluk Spa   

- The wind blower's hall (the "Sopolones" as we call them in Spanish)   

- The view from the top of Xpiral  

- And some pictures at the Mercado de la Merced, a buffet worthy of a photo shoot.  


10.- Weddings and events  

Some events need a different, magical, and extraordinary scenery. At Hotel Xcaret Mexico, the personalized service, the precise logistics, and curated details turn a congress, wedding, or convention into unforgettable memories.   

El mar me trajo hasta aquí. Denme un café y estoy lista para comenzar el día.


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