How to recognize a Mexican in another country

August 27, 2021

Believe it or not 

Mexicans never leave Mexico at all (not even on holidays)

Traveling anywhere is always an odyssey. Especially, if you are planning to visit places where the culture and traditions are very different. Now, imagine what it’s like to be a Mexican in another country.  Our creativity and sense of humor stand out even before we start the journey.   

We never take anything for granted, especially when it comes to visit another country. Well, almost all of us. I’m one of those Mexican travelers who organizes everything but forgets flip-flops or a toothbrush. We’ll talk about those little details throughout this blog.

Mexican in another country

So how do we recognize a Mexican in another country? 

As we mentioned before, Mexicans are creative beings by nature. Our personality, warmth, and humor make us unique. When it comes to holidays, everything starts even before the booking process. We’ll always look for the best offers and deals. Well, we have to make the most of our money!

We love to take the best of our country with us every time, I mean, eeeeevery time! 

  • What’s inside the suitcase of a Mexican traveling to a foreign country? Well, there are a couple of items that are consider traveling essentials. Our national team jersey is the first thing we pack. Because a Mexican must look sharp while touring, especially during summers, where big competitions occur. Our vacation may have a two-hour break only to watch the game or at least to keep up with the score of the match.
  • Another important item in the suitcase must be a charro’s hat. We’ll div out how to put that big hat in our luggage! Or maybe we can get their tiny versions, we’ll take that. What matters is to be a recognizable Mexican in our photos!
Mexican in another country
  • Whether abroad or even in our own country we love to speak with diminutives. This to denote our cordiality. When a Mexican receives you at his home, they will surely offer you a “vasito con agua, cafecito o una cervecita'. Which stands for a lil’ glass of water, a lil’ cup of coffee, or a lil’ beer. If we are visiting another country, we will ask for everything in the same way. It is part of our style but it doesn’t mean that we want everything in pretty small sizes.

It’s time to go on tour!

  • Mexicans love to chat about where we come from and share stories about our homeland. Just give us a chance and we will end up talking about the natural and cultural beauties of our beloved Mexico. We ought to be good ambassadors and talk about how cool this country is!
  • For the next point, I would like to use a very common phrase we use: “You like to suffer in vain!”. I think we are good at planning our trips but when it comes to finding addresses, we may be a little bit distracted. Usually, we do not like to ask for directions, we prefer to follow our path. Yes, we may arrive late at some events. We were not lost, we just like to wander around the place!
  • A Mexican talking about food … again!? We don’t like to starve, less if we’re on vacation. Better be cautious about it. Many times, we will carry sweets, fruit, or anything that helps us in case our stomachs crave a lunch.

    If you get hungry on a trip, just ask a Mexican if they have something to eat. We also love to try local food. But we like to mix it up with our special Mexican touch. 

Grab that chili, guacamole, chips, and beans to enjoy these Mexican versions of famous international and popular dishes!

  • The last thing is for all those Mexican travelers who always end up making friends everywhere they visit. Mexicans in another county like to share their culture and traditions with everyone! A tour, a visit to a museum, or any opportunity is good to make friends.
Mexican in another country infographic

In conclusion, identifying a Mexican abroad is not such a difficult task. It is enough by detecting any of the points mentioned here. To be with a Mexican in another country may be of luck. Since you will have a new friend and they will surely invite you to visit Mexico. People say we are the best hosts around the globe!

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