A holiday to remember the importance of living,

and the meaning of death.

Each country has their own beliefs that define them and make them independent of others. For Mexico most of us have heard about the famous Day of the Dead (known as Día de Muertos in Spanish), a holiday to remember the importance of living and the meaning of death. Rather be a morbid and dark day in Mexico we celebrated it with joy to make a colorful holiday.

But do we really understand the meaning of this celebration? This time we decide to make a little summary of the essential things to know about this day.


Now that you know a little bit more about this festivity it is time to experience it by yourself. In Mexico, there are different places where you can fully live this celebration some of this places has been well known all over the world.

Famous Destinations to celebrate the Day of the Dead


This magical little town is known for the special colorful rites. During this season the houses and cemeteries are filled with flowers, food, candles, and love. On the first day in the graveyards, the family of the dead collocate big altars and stays all the night just to be in companion with the spirit of the person who passed away, these altars represent the message of welcome. Also, it is widespread to put photos and clothes of the person so he can find his own tomb easily.



In some little towns located near the state of Puebla, the celebration of this holiday became a very colorful day. One of these towns is known as Huaquechula recognized for their very unique big altars some of them with up to 4 high floors filled with food, flowers, photos, bread, sugar skulls, and some objects made by the artisans of the region.  For the locals it is very important that the spirit that returns to the other side takes the things they need.


Mexico City

One of the best places to have a very unique day of the dead it is in the neighborhood named Mixquic located in the south of the capital. During the first and second of November, the cemeteries are full of flowers, sugar skulls, and dishes prepared by the locals. In this place it’s familiar to listen to some music and witness the traditional shows to honor the deceased. While you are in Mexico City, don’t forget to go to the annual fair of the chocolate and Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead).



This state is a place with a lot of tradition and culture that has been present since the prehispanic era. One of the principal group where the Mayans that started the Hanal Pixán a tradition celebrated to represent the respect to the dead.


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In Xcaret, we have our own way to celebrate the Day of the Dead, every year during this season we prepare the Festival of Life and Death Traditions where anyone can attend and live a very unique experience of this tradition. If you want to know more about the activities this year, do not hesitate to visit the official website here. Prepare to experience this tradition in companion of people who love to represent their country and traditions through dances, shows and food.