Let the color invade your life!

What happens when color is life’s main character?

New and millenary traditions. We love to celebrate life in many different ways, and we always have a reason to create unusual and colorful cultural expressions, parades or incredible landscapes with umbrellas. Some of the traditions on this list will take your breath away, and you won’t believe that there can be a lot of different colors in the same place, but every one of these traditions have a reason to be that will make you admire the culture or country that created them.

1.- Umbrella Sky Project

Agueda, Portugal

July, August and September

Agueda is the home of this colorful tradition that was born in 2011 as an installation created as part of an art festival in this town located in Portugal. The purpose of it was to bring color to Agueda’s street during the 2011 edition, but tourists and locals loved how the city looked, so they keep doing it year by year.

2.- Holi



This is the most colorful and funniest way to receive spring. In India, Holi is a party full of happiness and color. The streets of different cities in India and around the globe get painted with different colors creating smiles and great memories for everyone.

3.- Rio de Janeiro Carnaval


February or March

When somebody says “carnival,” everyone thinks in Brazil. The Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval is the most famous around the globe because the whole city turns into a big party. Years keep passing by, but this carnival stands as the most colorful tradition in Brazil, and it represents an entire country around the globe.

4.- New Year


January or February

The most important celebration for Chinese people is the becoming of a new year. Also, this festival serves as welcome to the spring. The day of celebration depends on the lunisolar calendar used in China.

This is one of the most antique traditions of the world, and it began in 2,600 b.C. when Chinese people started counting the beginning of each year according to the moon movement and the position of the sun.

5.- Day of the Death


November 1st and 2nd

The Day of the Death is the most significant and colorful tradition of Mexico. It’s all about celebrating and remembering our beloved people who are not with us anymore, and it’s a mix of ancestral and Spanish traditions.

6.- Loy Krathong Festival



The end of raining season is the perfect moment to create a colorful tradition. In Thailand, during the Loy Krathong Festival, thai people put baskets with lotus flowers and candles on rivers, creating living light rivers.

This festival is also famous thanks to the floating lanterns made with paper that illuminate the skies creating unbelievable landscapes that tourists and locals can appreciate.

7.- Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque – U.S.A.


Albuquerque, U.S.A. is home to this colorful tradition where thousands of balloons fill the sky with fantastic colors and shapes. Its first edition was celebrated in 1972 and year after year it gets more crowded and famous around the globe.

8.- Winter Light Festival

Nabana No Sato – Japan

November – May

If you want to see colorful landscapes created with LEDs, holidays are the best option and nothing like the Winter Light Festival in Nabana No Sato Japan.

Year after year, millions of LEDs illuminate the streets, parks, and buildings of Nabana No Sato with a different theme every time. You can’t miss this unique, colorful tradition.

9.- Sun Festival


June 24th

Cuzco, Perú, is home to the Sun Festival dedicated to the Sun God. Every June 24th the whole city and country throw a party wholly dedicated to the Sun and a new cycle according to the Inca calendar.

This colorful tradition used to have dances, sacrifices and all kinds of rituals, nowadays it’s celebrated in the whole country where locals and tourists celebrate together the start of a new year.

10.- Elephant Festival



The elephant is a sacred animal in India, and during the Holi celebrations, they are the main characters getting covered by colorful ornaments and paints. Such as the whole Holi celebration, when you see colorful elephants on the street it means that spring is coming and with it happiness and colors.