And we always have to explain to foreigners why we do them 

There is no doubt that Mexicans love to have fun. We are always laughing, we like to get together with family and friends and we have plenty of excuses to organize a party.

Our creativity and imagination have no limits. We like to experiment with flavors, we are intrigued by things out of the ordinary and we have customs that for other countries might seem… strange. Mexicans will surely identify with more than one of these unusual things that only Mexicans love to do but that would be a bit complicated to explain to a foreigner. 

1.- Add lemon to every food

tacos with lemon - Unusual things that only Mexicans love to do

Food tastes much better with a few drops of lemon. Whether it is chips, peanuts, meat, beer,  taquitos, or even lemon with salt to “cut off the fat.” 

2.- Say “provecho” even when you leave the taco stand

Whether you are at your friend’s house, in a restaurant or at a taco stand, when you arrive or you leave and someone is eating, automatically you tell them “provecho“, “provechito” which is the Mexican “Bon appetite”.  The point is to let others know that you hope they enjoy their meals.  

3.- Eat everything with salsa or spice

salsa jar - Unusual things that only Mexicans love to do

We all know someone who likes to take a bite out of a serrano or habanero chili accompanied by their food. Or if you are not so extreme, pairing your food with a green or red salsa gives a unique touch to any dish.  Mexicans always need even a little spice in any meal.   

4.- Telling everyone the party starts at 7, knowing that everyone will arrive at 9

A bad habit maybe, but if we are honest punctuality is not our best virtue. When we organize a party, we tell everyone that it starts a couple of hours before based on the calculation of the time you want them to arrive. If you arrive on time, be prepared to help sweep, mop, and organize the house together with the host. 

5.- Burry the birthday boy’s face in his own cake

We all have a story about how, on our birthday, we were made to “bite” the cake and ended up with cake inside our nose or even with no more cake to eat because everything ended up in your face.  


6.- Say “your home” referring to ones home

“In my home, which is also your home, we always eat at 2 pm”. You are talking to someone and you refer to your house as their own in order to make them feel welcome as we Mexicans are great hosts.  

7.- Prepare a beer as if it was shrimp broth and call it michelada

michelada beer - Unusual things that only Mexicans love to do

Who doesn’t fancy a cold beer on a hot day? Although, to be honest, there are times when we exaggerate. We add clamato (tomato juice), seasoned sauces, salt, pepper, and there are some people that even add shrimp. That mix, as you can imagine tastes like everything except beer.  

8.- Without tortilla, there is no food, add a 2-liter Coca-Cola and it becomes perfect

handmade tortillas - Unusual things that only Mexicans love to do

Any stew can be turned into a taquito, add a very cold coquita, and oh yes!

9.- Close streets to organize a party

Quinceañeras or anniversaries, you just need a couple of tables and chairs on the street, your neighbor’s music system, and let the party begin.  

10.- Eat something spicy for the hangover or cure the hangover with a beer 

There is something about spicy dishes like some chilaquiles, a barbecue, or birria caldito that raise any zombie from the worst hangover.  You can also add a beer and you will either connect the party to forget about the hangover.

11.- Say “boss” or “jefa” to your mom

Our moms are special to us, what better way to let them know how important they are than by calling them “jefa” (boss)? This is definitely one of the most unusual things that only Mexicans love to do that other nationalities find confusing.

12.- We know that a taco on the street is better than in any restaurant

taco stand

The taste of some taquitos is special thanks to the taquero who prepares them. We all have a taco stand that is our favorite, even the taquero already knows us and always remember what our order will be.  

13.- Negotiation skills from an early age

Ask one of your parents for permission and if he doesn’t let you, you go with the other one. We Mexicans are prepared for first level negotiations from a very young age. How to convince your dad to go out and play for an extra hour without your mom getting mad? Ask Mexicans, he will know how to do it. 

14.- Say “auntie” to your friends’ mom

In Mexico, we are all family. We have cousins, aunts, and brothers everywhere. Once, Chavela Vargas said: “Mexicans are born wherever we want” and we also make family wherever we want.    

15.- Answer “right now” and not know if it will happen in the next second or in the next decade.

When a Mexican says “I’ll do it right now” prepare to see it done at that exact moment… or never see it done at all. The “right now” in Mexico is neither in the past nor in the present nor in the future since it created its own line of space-time for it to happen… or not. No one will ever know.    

How many of these unusual things that only Mexicans love to do did you recognize?

Unusual things that only Mexicans love to do

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