Flor de Piña, a traditional dance from Oaxaca at Xcaret

July 31, 2019

Oaxaca on the dance floor

Enjoy this wonderful tradition at Xcaret Mexico Espectacular

Let your feet take the rhythm and control, allowing you to connect with different cultures & traditions around Mexico.

The Xcaret Espectacular show will continue to surprise you with its diversity of cultures.

“The truest expression of people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie..” – Agnes De Mille. 

Oaxaca is a state in southern Mexico. Its capital, with the same name, is considered a World Heritage Site. Also known as the Antequera Verde for its beautiful colonial-style green quarry constructions, it can be visited throughout the year. Each season fills it with its own beauty, from March when spring makes the jacarandas bloom until the winter months that invite you to enjoy some mezcal. However, the month of July is by far the best time to visit. The Guelaguetza is celebrated, where men and women from the eight regions of the state meet to share their culture, music, folklore and gastronomy.

Let’s talk about their dances 

Oaxaca is home of more than sixteen ethnic groups, including the Mixtecs, Zapotecs and Afro Mexicans. This multicultural composition makes music and dances closely linked to the state’s folk heritage.

These cultures have survived and persevered with greater success than the rest of the national territory thanks to the rugged and isolated territory of the state.


Flor de Piña, a tradition from Oaxaca 

This dance, originally from Tuxtepec Oaxaca, is a traditional dance created by choreographer Paulina Solís with the purpose of recovering the indigenous roots of the Basin and having its own identity to get away from the jarocha identity (Veracruz customs).

The dance “Flor de Piña' represents each of the seven municipalities that are in the Papaloapan region, following the traditions of each one by enhancing the enthusiasm of Tuxtepec around different parts of the world.


This dance is characterized by combining the typical costumes of the Tuxtepec region. These are the ones that most characterize the “Flor de Piña” dance, giving it an important place in Oaxaca folklore.


The dance makes references to the Papaloapan Basin area, where pineapples commonly grow, thus creating a blissful melody from Oaxaca.

Traditional apparel

The huipiles representative of each municipality are used, it should be noted that there are several types of huipiles. These are characterized by their fine embroidery and their distinctive and cheerful colors of their clothing (each according to their municipality).



For the melody of this piece of music, it was sought to be original, moving away again from the jarocho sound, looking for it to have a 100% Oaxacan identity.

The composer of this piece of music was Samuel Mondragón, is a great representative of Oaxaca’s music.

Before the “Flor de Piña” dance is performed in any other state and especially when it is presented at the Guelaguetza fair, it begins with a poem called “Flor de Piña”. This poem was written by the tuxtepecano artist Felipe Matías Velasco.

The poem describes each of the huipiles of the seven municipalities that make up this dance, as well as the features of each of the indigenous women of the region. Once the poem has been recited, the theme with the same name is played; Flor de Piña”.



Everyone uses colored ribbons to decorate their hairstyles.

Each hairstyle depends equally on the municipality that the woman represents. One way they can be distinguished is through their braids.

In the “Flor de Piña” dance the dancers do not wear footwear. However, women in the region use leather huaraches to complement their clothing.


Just like Oaxaca, the states and cultures of Mexico will captivate you, but above all they will make you love each place and want to return various of times.

Special thanks to Rosa Orduña Martínez, originally from Tuxtepec Oaxaca. For the support and information provided to make this blog possible.

If you are visiting Xcaret Park, don’t forget to enjoy the evening show, where you can witness the representation of this traditional Oaxaca dance.

Enjoy dancing to the music and its colorful costumes.

¡No dejes que nada te impida escapar a Oaxaca! 


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