Travel alone and discover beauties without equal

Dare to know yourself by disconnecting from technology

The routine and the constant saturation of the media are things that affect us more than we think. During the day, we are bombarded with information that comes from all directions and that force us to participate. Sometimes, the best we can do is disconnect. This proposal may seem radical, primarily if we are used to working and communicating through mobile devices. However, have you ever thought about the good you could achieve by eliminating your availability one day? I did it, and I can assure you that it was one of my best decisions.

Disconnecting is not just about turning off your phone and not turning on your computer. I discovered that it requires a total separation from the routine to which we are accustomed. Fortunately, being in a destination like the Riviera Maya helps a lot. The area allows me to leave the city and go deep into the tropical jungle. Imagine being surrounded by the green that intermingles with the brown of the earth and the blue of the sky. Sounds good, don’t you think?

Where to go to disconnect?

Beautiful natural gems hide inside the jungle of the Riviera Maya. Did you ever hear the word “cenote”? These ancient wells of fresh water that connect with each other through underground rivers of astounding beauty. To know them better I decided to embark on a unique adventure and try out my luck traveling alone. An excellent option to achieve this was to go on a guided tour to Xenotes.

You will enter the “Ruta de los Cenotes” to visit four fantastic stations that leave you stunned by its charm. Believe me when I say that there is no place like this in another part of the world. Witnessing places like this makes you forget the monotony of everyday life. Also, they will make you appreciate the gifts that planet earth offers us and that we don’t always value enough.

What to do to disconnect?

First of all, leave the phone at home. During the tour, you’ll be accompanied by a guide at all times who will be on the lookout for any emergencies. In this way, you’ll only have to worry about enjoying the day. The lack of signal and the exuberant vegetation that surrounds you are a convincing invitation to live in the present. Take advantage and dive into the water!

The water of the cenotes is cold, but the warm day and its crystalline essence make it extremely attractive. So put on a visor and dip your head in the water to discover this exotic underwater world. There is no feeling that can be compared when looking down and trying to find the rocky bottom of these natural pools. The water may be clear, but the depth will make this task almost impossible.

Disconnecting helps you have fun

Currently, we are used to having fun with our mobile devices. Whether it’s by watching something on Netflix, playing inside an app or spending hours on social networks. Where do we leave outdoor fun and the desire for adventure? Traveling alone and disconnecting will motivate you to try new things. Things that you have never worked and that in the end, will make you feel alive. Xenotes will test your skills and your taste for nature with activities such as kayaking, rappel, and zip lines. I can assure you that doing them drew a big smile on my face at all times.

Disconnecting and traveling alone is an adventure that I highly recommend. It was just what I needed to eliminate the stress of everyday life that we’ve become accustomed to. I am not a doctor or an expert in human needs, but I know myself, and I can tell when the body says, “No more!”. Try to do this exercise at least once a month, change the route and discover the natural world. Breathing fresh air is the perfect antidote to give a well-deserved rest to the body and the heart. Take a moment off the phone and look straight ahead, there is a whole world waiting for you to discover it.