Learn to pose and find the best photos spots in Xenotes

June 28, 2023


Photos can last forever, so we share some tips to ensure you capture how amazing your visit was. 

Xcaret's Xenotes tour is a unique experience where you will immerse yourself in the magic of the cenotes, impressive natural water formations in the jungle. This exciting tour will take you to discover four incredible cenotes, each with its charm and mystery.

You will be able to do different activities in each one of them: assisted rappelling, zip-lines, kayaking, and underwater swimming exploration so that you can enjoy and feel in harmony with these enigmatic places.

The four cenotes you will visit are: 

Ha' - Water Cenote 

Lik' - Air Cenote 

Lu'um - Earth Cenote 

K'áak' - Fire Cenote

During your Xenotes tour, your photographer will always be ready to capture you doing the activities, but there are more options to take advantage of and have different pictures at each cenote.

The photo team made a list of tips to show us where and how to take the best photos, so take notes for the day of your visit.

K'áak' - Fire Cenote

When you finish zip-lining in K'áak' cenote, you will find the emergency stairs, available for those who do not wish to continue swimming for the next activity. Here, the photographer can take pictures of you from outside.

Also, when you get out of the water, you can take off your life jacket and take pictures at the foot of the stairs, with the K'áak landscape in the background. Pose and have fun with your photos!


The road you cross at the end of all the activities in the K'áak' cenote is known as the village of the aluxes. At the end of the road, there is a small pond where you can ask the photographer for a photo inside.

You can also take an inner tube to float through the long cenote. Simultaneously, the photographer will be at the top to capture images from above.

Ha' - Water Cenote 

This photo can be taken at the beginning or end of your snorkeling experience in Ha' cenote. You can take off your life jacket and sit on the dock facing the camera, on your back, or on your side, but the photographer can help you with more poses to get the beautiful view this cenote offers when the sun starts to go down.

Another option is the surprise photos. On the way back to the palapa there is a path among very tall trees, which turns this spot into a beautiful scenario surrounded by nature.


Thanks to photographers you can take great memories home.


Lu'um – Earth Cenote

The first photo spot is in front of a stone with the Xenotes brand where you can sit and pose. The interesting thing about this photo is that you will be wearing your rappelling equipment, ready to descend into Lu'um cenote.


The photo on this platform is extra, since it’s made for jumps. Your photographer can help you to take a photo sitting or standing (always with your life jacket on) to have a different angle of the cenote aside from the stock photo.

These photos on the stairs can be taken at the end of the Lu'um cenote activities, which take you to the life jacket station at the entrance of the cenote. Here, you can pose individually, as a couple, or with your family and appreciate the path full of vegetation and vines that the cenote offers.

Lik' - Wind Cenote  

This is the only extra photo opportunity this cenote offers, since there are no places to pose and walk around simultaneously. We call this photo the Iik' viewpoint because it has a beautiful panoramic view of the zip-lines.

Remember, whenever you see the professional photography team don’t forget to smile and say Xenotes! for a spectacular photo.


Don't forget to buy your photo package!

And if you can't purchase it during the tour, you can email foto@xcaret.com with your bracelet number, date of visit, and your full name. They will help you get the memories of your adventure at Xenotes tour.

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