Give your body these basic stretches

To improve your performance 

Lately, we have been spending more time than we were used to in the same position or in the same place adapting to the “new normal”. Some of us have been lucky enough to keep working from home. However, this has also caused problems for our body, as physical activity has decreased and, often without realizing it, we spend more than eight hours a day working in the same place and position, if you feel tired, theses basic stretches will help you for sure!

In this blog, I will try to show you some very simple stretches that will help your body to “rearrange” and give your muscles the opportunity to breathe and stay active, awake, and calmer. You do not need to have any knowledge, or even practice any specific type of exercise, you just need a little room to move around calmly. It is not mandatory, but it might help if you find an open space where the wind blows. 

It is worth mentioning that it is very important for you not to expose your body to complicated movements or unusual pain. This is about stretching, there must be some type of pain, but always staying in the pleasant pain realm. If pain starts to bother you, stop immediately. 

Are you ready? Here they go! 

Back stretch 

This is one of the best basic stetches and it will help you reduce stress and fatigue. It is very easy to do and it can be done anywhere. 

Sit on your heels keeping your toes close together and your knees hip-width apart. Then drop the weight of your back forward and stretch your arms forward. Stay in that position for at least 20 seconds. Try to keep your breathing non-normal, without being very shaky or deep. Find a rhythm that doesn’t bother you. 

Hamstring stretch 

Hamstring stretch | Basic stretches

Sitting with your legs straight and your fingertips facing forward, keep your back as straight as possible. Next, raise your arms by sticking your biceps to your ears and stretch forward trying to get as far as possible, if you can, try and touch the tip of your feet. 

Triceps stretch 

Triceps stretch

Standing, with your feet hip-width apart (or sitting in your chair or bed), stretch your arms up, bend your right elbow, and hold your left arm. With your left hand, grasp your right elbow, and then gently pull over your head. You will begin to feel the stretch of the upper body. Hold the position for 15-20 seconds per side. 

Neck stretches 

Neck stretch | Basic stretches

Sitting or standing, with your feet slightly relaxed, begin to move your neck as if saying “yes”, in a slow and controlled manner. Repeat for 10 times. Then, shake your head as if saying “no” the same number of repetitions, slow and controlled.  This is my favorite of the basic stretches!

Next, make full circles with the neck, first clockwise, 5 full turns. Then, switch to the other side, 5 more laps. 

It is very important that you make slow, controlled movements.  

Seated side bend 

Seated side bend | Basic stretches

Sit cross-legged and raise your right arm over your head and lean your entire body to the left. Feel the stretch in your abdomen and arm. You can use your left arm as a base on the floor to maintain balance. 

Hold the position for at least 15 seconds and switch sides. 

These stretches are very basic but they will help you clear your mind and stretch your body so you can perform better. 

Please don’t try harder than necessary, do what your body allows you to 😊 

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